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  2. For some reason I remembered of DarkRO, seems it didn't last the test of time after all. It used to be really good and fun time, I miss my days back in DarkRO Pie... That is until Matias perma ban me onver giving too much trouble to his friends guild on WoE's while being pretty much the last "resistance" left in the server xd. Oh well, would be really one hella great nostalgia trip being able to log back in and all... but from what I understood the idea here is start from scratch right? that's a shame.
  3. dark-ro force was taken down entirely quite some time ago due to an extended period of inactivity from the admin leading to a nonexistent playerbase
  4. Hola buenas tengo un problema con eso de loguear si no le equivoco este el el antiguo Dark-ro force cierto?, Y quiero acceder a mi cuenta para volver a jugar y no me deja acceder cuando fui hace día a verificar por la página dark-ro.net me mando a esta página pero no le dejo entrar con mi información y me gustaría recuperar mi cuenta
  5. I can't access my dark-ro force account, I want to rejoin the game and I would like to recover my account and my previous items I could access through dark-ro.net but now it redirects me to xivro.com but I can't or can't find where login with my credentials
  6. Yo ni encuentro donde crear la cuenta....
  7. Guest


    noob rod always wipe out
  8. Dazzu and Yura have stated that Jedi and Sith will be added while Taekwon classes will stay in the game.
  9. That's why it has a "/" or "or" notation.
  10. Estas seguro que las credenciales que estas poniendo son las mismas? Pudieras intentar tratar de recobrar la cuenta con el email que diste para crear la cuenta para que puedas verificar.
  11. Cree mi cuenta pero cuando entro desde el cliente me dice que no existe.
  12. I am not agree with refined weapons or equipment for prizes :c
  13. What about we start this kind of event? I got this idea from some servers so why not we do it too. The mechanics are somewhat like this: Like XIVRO facebook page Participants should share [the post of the event] in their wall and must be set to public Participants must comment [on that event post] with their IGN together with tagged 5 RO friends in the reply section Winners will be picked randomly with a "grand prize" reward together with 1st & 2nd place ones and of course a consolation prize. My reward suggestions would be the following (just to remind, / = or): Grand Prize: An event exclusive costume / +10 icarus weapon of choice / good amount of XIV pts or Event pts 1st Place: A +6 Valkyrie Piece / XIV pts / Event pts 2nd Place: XIV pts / Event pts Consolation Prize: XIV pts / Event pts / Or maybe better, 1x of that costume box that we get from gpack This is all just based from my own judgement and specially for me, the consolation prize has a big role to make people participate as most would even probably not hope of winning any place, so just to at least make their effort worth in joining the event. All rewards & mechanics will still be of course, up to the admins (just in-case they do this). Only point on proposing this event is to get more exposure as i always say, as well as so there could be an outside activity event of the server. I mean nobody even does events now lmao.
  14. All still in Water?

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    2. Chady


      I only know how to float. Oof.

    3. Nikko


      Dude. U have Discord?

      Idk if u remember me. -Mickey

    4. Chady


      @Nikko of course I remember you 😄
      Im Dip#0645 in Discord

  15. Points will later be adjusted on player base. Right now it is just a few players farming the invasions. This will chance one we further progress with the new updates.
  16. Hey bro, you may not remember me. I used to be part of your Guild Communism. 

    I am very amazed for all of this, really good work. I would like to be back again!


    I hope to get in touch with you my friend. 

  17. EDIT MY POST!! damn... why 1 pt all the way up to 3rd wave? so annoying
  18. 1,2,3 would suffice for me but well, whatever.
  19. As events such as Cluckers, NVZ, and Bomb Poring gives 50 event points to 1 winner and only 20, maybe 30 pts as consolation to other participants. I think it would only be fair to keep the old invasion points which was 1, 3, and 5 for the last wave as it is the only way to gain points for losing participants, and/or other players than only do or are only able to do Invasion. Thoughts?
  20. Tsuki

    Future of XIVRO

    In order to have Jedi and Sith, SG and Taekwon would have to be taken out of the game, unsure if we have to if it's on newer clients though.
  21. stick on what you have and introduce new classes from the obtained files from darkro. dont circle back due to darkro rebirth’s success. it was a damn successful server and it will be very hard to replicate. There were 3 factors why they succeeded. 1. DarkRo name of the server itself 2. They advertised hella good 3. P A N D E M I C If you miss one, youre not only going to flop but you’ll lose your current server as well. money comes after dont chase it.
  22. Refinement System NPC Armor refinement success chances have been reduced to its original values. NPC safety refinement system's upgrade rollback and break chance have now equal probabilities. Market Increased Yggdrasilberry price to 300,000. Increased Box of Thunder price to 200,000. Increased prices of various items in the supply shop. Removed Equipment seller NPCs (zeny). Reduced sell value of Treasure Box to 30,000. Quest Shops XIV Point prices has been increased on the following items: Conqueror Box [ 100P -> 500P ] Essence of Element [ 50P -> 100P ] Fire Dragon Scale [ 250P -> 500P ] Dragon Soul [ 250P -> 500P ] Bloody Edge [ 250P -> 500P ] The following items have been added to the XIV Exchange NPC: Fragment of Rossata Stone [ 500P ] Red Silk Seal [ 500P ] Taeguk Plate [ 500P ] Fang of Hatii [ 500P ] Will of Red Darkness [ 500P ] Pocket Watch [ 500P ] Combat Knife has been removed from the Quest Shop. Adjusted the recipe for the following items: Dragon Wings Increased Dragon Horns to 500 Increased Conqueror Box to 3 Valkyrie Helm Increased Conqueror Box to 3 Traveler's Hat Increased Conqueror Box to 3 Cyclop's Eye Increased Conqueror Box to 3 Increased Metal Fragments to 500 Increased Used Iron Plate to 500 Note Headphones Increased Conqueror Box to 3 Increased Red Muffler to 500 Increased REfined Bradium to 500 Nile Rose Increased Conqueror Box to 3 Added Fragment of Rossata to 3 Valkyrie Manteau Increased Conqueror Box to 3 Added Red Silk Seal to 3 Valkyrie Shoes Increased Conqueror Box to 3 Added Taeguk Plate to 3 Valkyrie Armor Increased Conqueror Box to 3 Added Fang of Hatii to 3 Valkyrie Shield Increased Conqueror Box to 3 Added Will of the Red Darkness to 3 Sleipnir Increased Conqueror Box to 3 Added Pocket Watch to 3 Monsters Reverted Gold Acidus spawn rate to its original values. Conqueror Box drop rate has been reduced to 10%. WoE Removed Yggdrasilberry and Box of Thunder from WoE Supplier. You can exchange Event Points for coins at the Event Points NPC in the mall: XIV Points Daily XIV Point gain is now capped at 1,000. Overall XIV Points is now capped at 50,000. Accounts with over the capped amount will not be able to gain any more points until it's spent and the points are below the capped amount. Daily XIV Point cap is applied based on unique id. *NEW* Event Points Event rewards have been replaced with Event Points. 50 Event Points are awarded for winning events. 20 Event Points are awarded for losing events. *NEW* Zeny Farming Added 2,500,000 zeny reward upon completion of a Novice Hunt. Added 5,000,000 zeny reward upon completion of an Intermediate Hunt. Added 7,500,000 zeny reward upon completion of an Expert Hunt. Added a 5,000,000 zeny reward to the following daily quests: Malaya Dailies: Cant Look into His Eyes Get Rid of Jejeling Ghost on the Ferry Ship Jejeling and Jellopy Marie's Child Purified Bones Shiny Blade The Old Man and the Cast Iron Cauldron Traditional Spiritual Protection and Impudent Girl Brasilis: Lost Puppies Mora: Chesire's New Day El Dicastes: Department Quests Zeny rewards are granted based on the unique id. Zeny reward will not be given if you redo the quest on a different character or account. *NEW* Farming System Added a supply farming system In order to access the farming map, talk to the Yggdrasil Child in Prontera. In the map, you can walk up to a Yggdrasil Child that will give you a Korok Seed. Upon receiving a Korok Seed, the Yggdrasil Child will warp away to a random location. You can exchange a Ko Rok Seed for either 10 Yggdrasilberry Box or 10 Box of Thunder Box. *NEW* Solo MVP Room A new solo MVP room instance is now available at the Monster Scientist NPC in Prontera. 5 Poring Credits are required to enter the instance. Upon entering the instance, you will be allowed to stay for a maximum of 30 minutes. Logging out or dying removes the instance and you will need to pay the require credits to re-enter. Instanced MVPs reward the following, in addition to their usual drops: 5 XIV Points Conqueror Box (5%) Light of Icarus (5%)
  23. Again, nostalgia and tradition don't mean good. It's a terrible design choice, look at Rebirth already needing "black credits" to make trades in the trillions. Impenetrable market for new players due to absurd inflation. This server is about taking DarkRO concepts and turning them into good design. Gold room isn't good design. It's just fuel for bots. Like when you got muted multiple times for afk macro farming it. How can you say it's good when you feel the need to cheat to abuse it?
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