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    noob rod always wipe out
  4. Dazzu and Yura have stated that Jedi and Sith will be added while Taekwon classes will stay in the game.
  5. That's why it has a "/" or "or" notation.
  6. Estas seguro que las credenciales que estas poniendo son las mismas? Pudieras intentar tratar de recobrar la cuenta con el email que diste para crear la cuenta para que puedas verificar.
  7. Cree mi cuenta pero cuando entro desde el cliente me dice que no existe.
  8. I am not agree with refined weapons or equipment for prizes :c
  9. What about we start this kind of event? I got this idea from some servers so why not we do it too. The mechanics are somewhat like this: Like XIVRO facebook page Participants should share [the post of the event] in their wall and must be set to public Participants must comment [on that event post] with their IGN together with tagged 5 RO friends in the reply section Winners will be picked randomly with a "grand prize" reward together with 1st & 2nd place ones and of course a consolation prize. My reward suggestions would be the following (just to remind, / = or): Grand Prize: An event exclusive costume / +10 icarus weapon of choice / good amount of XIV pts or Event pts 1st Place: A +6 Valkyrie Piece / XIV pts / Event pts 2nd Place: XIV pts / Event pts Consolation Prize: XIV pts / Event pts / Or maybe better, 1x of that costume box that we get from gpack This is all just based from my own judgement and specially for me, the consolation prize has a big role to make people participate as most would even probably not hope of winning any place, so just to at least make their effort worth in joining the event. All rewards & mechanics will still be of course, up to the admins (just in-case they do this). Only point on proposing this event is to get more exposure as i always say, as well as so there could be an outside activity event of the server. I mean nobody even does events now lmao.
  10. All still in Water?

    1. Tsuki


      Like 20 ft deep

    2. Chady


      I only know how to float. Oof.

  11. Points will later be adjusted on player base. Right now it is just a few players farming the invasions. This will chance one we further progress with the new updates.
  12. Hey bro, you may not remember me. I used to be part of your Guild Communism. 

    I am very amazed for all of this, really good work. I would like to be back again!


    I hope to get in touch with you my friend. 

  13. EDIT MY POST!! damn... why 1 pt all the way up to 3rd wave? so annoying
  14. 1,2,3 would suffice for me but well, whatever.
  15. As events such as Cluckers, NVZ, and Bomb Poring gives 50 event points to 1 winner and only 20, maybe 30 pts as consolation to other participants. I think it would only be fair to keep the old invasion points which was 1, 3, and 5 for the last wave as it is the only way to gain points for losing participants, and/or other players than only do or are only able to do Invasion. Thoughts?
  16. Tsuki

    Future of XIVRO

    In order to have Jedi and Sith, SG and Taekwon would have to be taken out of the game, unsure if we have to if it's on newer clients though.
  17. stick on what you have and introduce new classes from the obtained files from darkro. dont circle back due to darkro rebirth’s success. it was a damn successful server and it will be very hard to replicate. There were 3 factors why they succeeded. 1. DarkRo name of the server itself 2. They advertised hella good 3. P A N D E M I C If you miss one, youre not only going to flop but you’ll lose your current server as well. money comes after dont chase it.
  18. Again, nostalgia and tradition don't mean good. It's a terrible design choice, look at Rebirth already needing "black credits" to make trades in the trillions. Impenetrable market for new players due to absurd inflation. This server is about taking DarkRO concepts and turning them into good design. Gold room isn't good design. It's just fuel for bots. Like when you got muted multiple times for afk macro farming it. How can you say it's good when you feel the need to cheat to abuse it?
  19. Chady

    Future of XIVRO

    *erased most of the things I just typed* Oh well, whatever works.
  20. Prank

    Future of XIVRO

    @Shanxif that were the case then it would be getting back Sith and Jedi, which we are going to eventually. The Gold Room isn't what made DarkRO popular. It was the custom classes and all the customizations the founders did to each and every job class for a more fun PvP experience.
  21. Shanx

    Future of XIVRO

    @Prank the question is not the design or if it is abusable, is removing a story from the "DARKRO" it's just because of the nostalgia I think you don't understand what I mean
  22. Prank

    Future of XIVRO

    @Iroha I mean I get it and it's probably my fault for not getting to you about the recruitnent thing and addressing it properly in a private manner and I apologize for that. If that's something you actually really care about then you should probably message Dazzu about it and not me. I say a lot of this stuff because people want us to be transparent and not hide things from the public to know what's going on hence the topic of this in the forum. So if we didn't address it, people were going to be angry. Ironically even when we are addressing it seems some people are still being angry so for that I don't understand and will just have to live with it. I'm not a magician and things aren't going to come out right away due to circumstances that aren't in our control. The whole point of this topic was because we're moving forward with big news (Officially obtaining the old darkRO and all its data). I had an entire post addressing advertisement and if you did read it then you would know that we weren't going to fully go out until everything was ready. Even if we did want to do paid Facebook Advertisement we can't. Why? It's because our Facebook page was banned for an unexplained reason alongside with my personal Facebook account. So we couldn't even do it even if we wanted to. I get that you're frustrated and it's not a competition but everyone is frustrated. I don't know what else to tell you. Whether you still genuinely believe in us or not that's up to you. It's understandable if you don't but this is all I can do for now and that's addressing our future. It's better then saying nothing right? @Shanx The gold room was a terrible design and was easily a abuseable. Even if you look at our current treasure map room it's just bad since people just macro farm anyways. We already came up with ways to gain zeny in other manners which seems more proper and non abuseable somewhat.
  23. Shanx

    Future of XIVRO

    I will come back here to say the same thing again, don't change the game and keep your traditions !! you ask me what has changed? MVP hunt, there are a lot of people who enjoy doing MVP alone and currently this is impossible ! of course you have to innovate and bring new things, but without changing the old game form ok? can you understand that? this is very good when it doesn't change the old game I will show again, 3 videos this time: here you just want to remove the gold room a tradition must be maintained creating new things without changing the tradition of game that's all i wanted to say to try to help staff
  24. Iroha

    Future of XIVRO

    @Prank And again with utmost respect, is everything you've said will REALLY be true? Honestly, you keep promising a lot of stuff and ends up getting ignored after a few days or gets implemented so late from when you promised to implement it. It's always "soon, soon, in the future" meh. - Short staffed you said, you tried to recruit me as probably a sub dev (and probably some others too) so where's the reply now? Is it "too late" to ask if im accepted? (LOL). I've been waiting already a month for it. And did you guys even accepted anyone on the 'Event GM recruitment page'? Good if yes. - Before, you keep saying we're gonna advertise tomorrow etc etc whenever and the result, this? Ayt clear. Sure you can continue addressing cool & fancy things about your "future creative ideas" (that ironically gave us false hope) but then remember the server still stays dead. So whatever, im out of this. I'll just observe from now on and won't reply further for the sake of not recycling what's already been addressed. P.S I wholeheartedly apologize if i sounded really rude but all message above was written with deep frustration. But yeah, just gonna hope for the best . Good Luck
  25. Prank

    Future of XIVRO

    @Iroha I'm not even sure if you read any of my previous posts but you should read before writing since it's already been addressed for the sake of not recycling back and forths.
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