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  2. For some reason I remembered of DarkRO, seems it didn't last the test of time after all. It used to be really good and fun time, I miss my days back in DarkRO Pie... That is until Matias perma ban me onver giving too much trouble to his friends guild on WoE's while being pretty much the last "resistance" left in the server xd. Oh well, would be really one hella great nostalgia trip being able to log back in and all... but from what I understood the idea here is start from scratch right? that's a shame.
  3. dark-ro force was taken down entirely quite some time ago due to an extended period of inactivity from the admin leading to a nonexistent playerbase
  4. Hola buenas tengo un problema con eso de loguear si no le equivoco este el el antiguo Dark-ro force cierto?, Y quiero acceder a mi cuenta para volver a jugar y no me deja acceder cuando fui hace día a verificar por la página dark-ro.net me mando a esta página pero no le dejo entrar con mi información y me gustaría recuperar mi cuenta
  5. I can't access my dark-ro force account, I want to rejoin the game and I would like to recover my account and my previous items I could access through dark-ro.net but now it redirects me to xivro.com but I can't or can't find where login with my credentials
  6. Yo ni encuentro donde crear la cuenta....
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    noob rod always wipe out
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