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  1. Hey bro, you may not remember me. I used to be part of your Guild Communism. 

    I am very amazed for all of this, really good work. I would like to be back again!


    I hope to get in touch with you my friend. 

  2. Dazzu

    Future of XIVRO

    If we attempt to balance the economy, we won't be deleting anyone's items. Most of the changes will be affecting certain features of the server itself. The current existing items, such as Thanatos Card, refined equipments, etc. will not be directly impacted.
  3. Dazzu

    Future of XIVRO

    Just to clarify, we will not be maintaining both XIVRO and DarkRO. XIVRO will eventually turn into DarkRO. Given DarkRO's src code, it won't be feasible to use that as our base engine. We're essentially going to integrate bits and pieces of DarkRO's code into XIVRO's source code. As for our current options - while wiping the slate clean would be the fairest option, we will still attempt to balance XIVRO's economy. However, this would mean implementing drastic changes on our current and potentially new systems that may take away some of the privileges XIVRO players enjoyed. If people are up for that, and we are are able to fix the economy before DarkRO is ready, then we may be able the current database as DarkRO's. It will all hinge on the players' willingness to sacrifice SOME things for the good of the server. PS: Obi, we'll put the forum back up once I get the files from Matias :d
  4. Woops, forgot to update this thread. Added a general fix for this particular issue. It should be absolutely fixed now. Closed. :d
  5. Greetings everyone, I would like to start by expressing my utmost gratitude to everyone who has stuck with us since XIVRO launched. This would not have been possible without the community's support. This is a lengthy post that provides historical context to XIVRO's state and the direction we will take. I suggest reading through it. However, the actual news will be at the bottom part of this post. To some people who may not be familiar with me, I was DarkRO's sub-administrator before I transitioned to XIVRO. During my time as a DarkRO staff, I mostly wrote scripts and implemented items. My privileges were not as far reaching as players thought back then. Still, I attempted to fix and improve the server in any way I can, adding new content through scripting and item implementation. Matias also applied a lot of class balancing based on the development team's recommendations. Unfortunately, the server's problems ran deeper than what I was allowed to do and its state continued to gradually decline. I left around 2017 due to frustrations of not being able to do anything meaningful, on top of piling stress from university. Understandably, Matias wasn't around as often as I would have liked, due to personal and work issues. I definitely could have put in a lot more effort, or even asked for the reins. However, due to my lack of administrating experience, I honestly was definitely not ready for it. Eventually, DarkRO "died" from the lack of... everything, and that was that. Last year, we had the idea to "revive" DarkRO, not as a new server, but to gain ownership of the server and massively improve it from within. I started sending Matias emails, attempting to connect back with him. We also attempted to contact Maurice, the founder of DarkRO, to ask for the domain and rebuild the server from the bottom up if we were not successful in obtaining the server. There were some replies and promises from the former, that he agrees to transitioning the administration after the New Year's. We waited until late January to early February, but we never received any reply after. Our frustrations grew to the point where we decided to just create a new server and build our own image. However, amidst our decision, we never disregarded the possibility of them going through with it. At the start of XIVRO's development, we were approached by Brenth (who is now known as Anakin) and offered to implement the source code of one of his previous DarkRO clones with a $1600 price tag. In addition to this offer, he also required us to grant him an administrator role. Brenth already has a reputation of destroying other servers at this point, and we decisively declined his offer and banned him from the discord. During this time as well, we reached out to former DarkRO players about this new server we are building. It garnered a lot of interest, and the Discord server eventually became populated. During the middle of development, rebirth's staff, most notably James and Anakin(Brenth) joined the server and started poaching members to their server that they claimed is DarkRO. Of course this worked and a significant number of members in the XIVRO discord moved. It was disheartening, but we moved on anyway. We owed it to our players to at least push forward to where are at at right now. Given the context leading to our situation and recent news that I am about to share, we have hit a crossroad that will significantly impact the future of the server. Nothing has been set in stone yet; however, we are currently facing a very difficult dilemma that we believe we should be transparent with and XIVRO players have the right to know. Recently, we received huge news from both Matias and Maurice. Maurice agreed to transfer the domain ownership to myself. As of right now I currently hold and am the owner of the domain dark-ro.net. Matias also agreed to transfer DarkRO's administration, and we are in the process of obtaining DarkRO. I currently possess DarkRO Force and Pie's source codes, website, and wiki files, and we are just waiting for the server's database files. This is development is bittersweet. We have finally obtained DarkRO and are given the opportunity to push through with that we originally intended to do. On the other hand, it also means absolute uncertainty with XIVRO's future. However, what is certain is that we will push to revive DarkRO as well as continue XIVRO's development, how we'll do the former is still a point of contention. Upon obtaining DarkRO, we also inherited a broken economy caused by more than decade of botting and illegally obtained items made by corrupted staff members well before my time. If we are to revive DarkRO, we will have to wipe the database to work with a clean slate. I understand that DarkRO players would not want to start over. However, it is necessary in order to create a better economy. We also had in mind to use XIVRO's database instead, but it also presents complications that makes the option not ideal. I'll admit that we made a huge mistake reworking the refinement system in conjunction with an easily obtainable end-game gear system. It allowed players to gain an ample amount of end-game items with maximum refinements in a very short time. We also implemented various systems that also allowed for easier end-game gearing. As a consequence for this disastrous oversight, XIVRO's economy was broken in a way that gears have too little value and zeny is too abundant. Unfortunately, this result disqualifies using XIVRO's database directly as DarkRO's starting database as it would be unfair for new players. The current XIVRO economy sadly will not be compatible with what we want for DarkRO. If and when we revive DarkRO, we will approach it in a slightly different way that will allow for an actual economy to grow - this means stripping off or reverting some of the revamped systems that XIVRO currently have. As much as it pains me to accept, the best option that we are currently presented with for DarkRO is to use XIVRO's development path after modifying current systems to prevent ending up with the same economy XIVRO currently have. However, the item database will be wiped and everyone will start over. It is very understandable for players to raise their concerns. It is well within their rights given the situation and the amount of effort they have put into playing XIVRO. This also applies to DarkRO players as well and their decade-long efforts. To expand on what specific changes we'll make and carry over to DarkRO's development, a list of proposed changes are listed below: Enforce a single client A significant issue that plagued XIVRO was the allowance of dual-clienting. This led to certain exploits (such as MvP hunting and various questing). In order to address this issue, we will be enforcing a single client on both the client-side and gepard-side as well. Reverting MVP room The following MvPs/mini-bosses will be removed: Thanatos Ghostring Deviling Keep and expand modified cards With MvP cards being taken out of circulation, modified common cards would present a significant use. Additionally, we will also further add modified common cards to closely line with some MvP cards, offering lesser but still viable alternatives. Remove the XIV points system The XIV points system's purpose was to provide a some sort of participation reward for possible competition during MvP hunts. However, this system was heavily exploited by dual logging. We also failed to add some limitations, like a daily cap, to prevent excessive hunting. Simplify Icarus Weapons' edp & buff system Ideally, we will further condense the buffing system to something more singular. Since we consider damage buffs , specifically EDP and MOT, to be essential on the PvP environment, we will merge the effects into a single item (most likely be changed to an accessory) and rework the related cards. This change will still prevent the monopolization of essential cards as well as promote weapon diversity. Revert refinement system to its original state A huge oversight that we failed to act on was the implementation of the improved refinement system in conjunction with the simpler gear quest system and the XIV points system. The combination of these features allowed players to mass produce and max refine end-game gear in a very short amount of time. This is a fundamental issue as RO features a horizontal progression - where all gears are similar to some varying degree and newly introduced gears are only a slight improvement to the current release set. Reverting this system will allow for a slower progression, in addition to, and more important, placing market values to refined equipment. Retain but slightly increase difficulty of obtaining valkyrie equipment and wings This system is a huge leap with regards to gear progression and accessibility of end-game items. DarkRO locked their end-game gears behind an exhaustive and complex quest system that is also gated by castle drops. While we are retaining this system, we will slightly increase the difficulty of questing to stagger initial mass productions. Remove the yggdrasilberry and box of thunder from the supplier NPC and re-implement it to a "farm" room. A part of DarkRO's main market back then was the supplies market - more notably yggdrasilberries and boxes of thunder. We took this out in XIVRO and added it to the supplier NPCs as we deemed it essential. However, this completely removed the supply market as its market price is cheap in relation to ease of zeny grinding. Creating a "farm" room for yggdrasilberries (and possibly box of thunder), will allow for re-establishing a market and better monitoring. Remove the "gold" room The concept of a gold room is fundamentally flawed that is often exploited by botters or macro users. While we have the luxury of gepard, we should not absolutely depend on it as it's not without faults. Add zeny, exp, supply(?) rewards to various daily quest NPCs With the removal of the gold room, we'll extensively modify some daily quest NPCs to reward levels, zeny, or possibly supplies. This modification allows an alternative way to level as well as provide a primary method of generating zeny, albeit in a controlled setting. This controlled (through daily caps) allow for a more gradual economic development and staggers zeny inflation. Incentives If we decide to go down this route, everyone's progress will be reset. However, we will also provide incentives to XIVRO players for sticking with us thus far. The overall goal of this option is to develop a healthy economy by enabling easier access to valuable and viable items, while providing a steeper and more staggered challenge for end-game items. However, as previously stated, this comes at a huge cost of players starting over from scratch, aside from the transfer incentives. As of present, we will move forward with adding contents to XIVRO which will be reflected to DarkRO, and attempt to possibly correct the economy to perhaps re-qualify being used as DarkRO's database. Maintaining XIVRO and developing DarkRO at the same time will definitely be an arduous journey, but I am confident that we'll be able to pull it off. tl;dr : we ghosted darkro, hooked up with xivro, then made up with darkro. We're now trying to be in a poly relationship with xivro and darkro.
  6. Hi Dazzu Sir,

    I know this is off topic. but can you still login to the old dark ro server? if not do you know the reason why it is crashing?

  7. Not yet, but I've scripted a more centralized instance rewarding system so it's just a matter of deciding the rewards and less worries about abusing it. I'm thinking along the lines of XIV points, some poring credits and steadfast badges.
  8. We could implement one or the other but not both (at least to the extent you're suggesting), or even adjust the overall point rewards such that it matches the pacing with MvP hunting. With the reverted mob spawn timers, I can see how the hunt board could be an alternative method to grind points while waiting on MvP cooldowns. However, making it too easy could potentially pull parties away from MvP hunting altogether since it will virtually take minimal effort to grind points, even if MvP hunting rewards boxes and lights.
  9. Moved to General
  10. We've added Hazy Forest so far, but the rewards are not finalized yet. But ideally it'll serve as solo content since the mvp at least has been tuned to provide some challenge for solo players, but nothing really substantial. We'll definitely get to the newer instances, but we're doing it per episode. We've experimented with the Malaya instances with the newest patch, and so far adjusting the instances for high rate has been interesting to say the least.
  11. Additional Content Implemented monsters in the following maps/episodes: Brasilis fields and dungeons El Dicastes fields and dungeons Dewata fields and dungeons Bifrost fields Port Malaya fields and dungeons Malangdo fields and dungeons Eclage fields and dungeons However, MvPs on these maps have been temporarily disabled until after the MvP rework. Some renewal cards from monsters in the above fields/dungeons have been modified: Increased Petal Card's ratio to 20 LUK per 2% Critical Damage Comodo Card's DEF bonus reduced to +15 Skill Modifications High Jump Flying Side Kick Can not be used while under the effect of Ankle Snare, Spider Web, or Close Confine Blessing of the Sun, Moon, Stars effect has been reduced to 3*SkillLV% Item Modifications Dracula Card Trigger chance has been reduced to 5%. SP gain has been reduced to 1%. Work in Progress Import and modify the following regional quests (possibly increase EXP reward as well): El Dicastes Dewata Bifrost Port Malaya Malangdo Eclage Import and modify the following renewal instances: Hazy Forest Bangungot's Instance Bakonawa Extermination Buwaya Instance
  12. Dazzu

    Custom Cards Guide

    This thread lists all the cards and its effects that are currently customized for XIVRO. This list will be updated when changes are made. Common Cards Alice Receive 50% less damage from Boss Monsters Receive 30% more damage from normal monsters Aliot [Swordsman, Merchant, Thief] Increase STR by refine/2 Max HP +5% [Mage, Archer, Acolyte] Increase INT by refine/2 Max SP +5% Ancient Mimic Every 9 Base LUK, gain 1 AGI Andre ATK +50 Andre Egg Max HP + 40,000 Anolian Add a 5% chance of autocasting level 5 Attention Concentrate on the user when dealing Physical damage If the user has mastered the skill at level 10, it will cast Level 10 Attention Concentrate Archer Skeleton Ranged Attack + 25% Atroce Card ATK + 150 When dealing physical attack, there is a small chance that for 5 seconds, your ASPD and CRIT rate are increased by 100%. During the effect, you also heal 1000 HP with each attack. Can only wear one Banshee [Mage Class] SP +25%, HP+5% Inflict 30% more damage with Soul Strike, Napalm Beat, and Napalm Vulcan Beholder Master Ranged attack damage +15% [+ Bow] If weapon is refined to +7 or higher, ASPD +3 If weapon is refined to +10, gives an additional ASPD +3 Bloody Knight Add a 1% chance of autocasting Level 10 Meteor Storm on the enemy when doing normal attacks Cendrawasih INT + 2 If used by Mage types, each refine adds INT + 1 Dame of Sentinel Every 9Base VIT, you gain 1 DEX Death Word Inflict 20% more damage with Soul Strike, Napalm Beat, and Napalm Vulcan Drain 10% SP when unequipped Despero of Thanatos Reduce damage taken from Players and Demi-human by 15%. Increase INT by an amount equal to the refine rate *1 of the equipment this card is compounded on. Dimik Increase VIT by an amount equal to the refine rate of the equipment this card is compounded on. Change slot assignment to headgear Dolomedes When used by Archer class, adds 1 DEX for each refine rate. When used by other classes, adds 1 DEX for every 2 refine rate instead. Eddga Enable effect of endure so long as the footgear to which this card is compounded to is equipped. Max HP - 5% Egnigem Cenia Every 9 Base INT, you gain 1 STR Entweihen Crothen MATK +35% Giant Whisper Flee Rate + 10 [BASE STR >=100] ATK +2% [BASE VIT >=100] Max HP +5% [BASE LUK >=100] Crit Rate + 5 Green Maiden Increase LUK and CRIT RATE by 1% for each refine level this card is compounded on. Hardrock Mammoth Currently disabled Heater Critical + 5 [Knight Class] Perfect Dodge + 10 Hillsrion ATK +10% Can only wear one Hunter Fly Currently disabled. Ifrit Increase ATK RATE, Crit Rate, and HIT Rate every 20 Job Level Earthquake effect 1 Card Limit Kavach Icarus Flee Rate + 10 [Refine Rate 0~4] Additional Flee Rate + 10 Perfect Dodge +4 Kobold Crit Rate + 4 STR +2 Kukre Agi +3 Flee Rate +10 Laurell Weinder Inflict 20% more damage with Waterball Inflict 20% more damage with Storm Gust Male Thiefbug Agi +5 Flee +7 Mantis STR + 5 Matyr AGI +5 Maximum HP +10% Mistress of Shelter Every 9 Base STR, you gain 1 INT Moonlight Flower Enable faster movement speed so long as the footgear to which this card is compounded is equipped FLEE + 10 Obsidian Every 9 base DEX, you gain 1 VIT Odium of Thanatos Increase AGI by an amount to the refine rate of the equipment this card is compounded on Owl Duke Add a 1% chance of autocasting Level 5 Impositio Manus when attacking Pecopeco Maximum HP + 40% Pitman Inflict 25% more damage with Earth Spike and Heavens Drive Change slot assignment to accessory Pupa Increase Max HP by (200*BaseLevel) + (2000*RefineLevel) Ragged zombie Add Critical Rate +5 against Demi Human monsters and players when attacking. Increase Physical and Magic damage by 3%. Every time you attack, small chance to cause External Bleeding status ailment [+ Zombie Slaughter] Recover 25% of Max HP and SP when killing a demi-human monster Raggler STR +5 VIT +5 Randgris Add a 0.2% chance of autocasting Level 1 dispel when dealing normal attacks Make a weapon indestructible Increases Physical Attack strength by 10% Lose 25% hp when this card is unequipped Red Ferus Inflict 25% more damage with Fire Pillar and Meteor Storm Move to Accessory slot Remover Maximum HP +80%, decreases by 8% per refine rate HP recovery +25% RSX 0806 Can not be knocked back Increase Max HP by 50% Make an armor indestructible (except in upgrade attempts) Seyren Windsor Increase STR by 1 + (RefineRate/2) Spore VIT + 5 Stone Shooter Hit + 50 ATK +30 Tatacho Decrease damage from Neutral property by 20%. Increase damage dealing to Neutral property by 10%. Tendrilion CRIT + 5 If the weapon is refined to +7 or higher, increase critical damage by 10%. If the weapon is refined to +10, additional CRIT + 10 and critical damage by +10% Thief Bug Egg Max HP + 25% Venatu Every 9 Base AGI, you gain 1 LUK Zerom DEX + 4 Zhu Po Long AGI + 4 CRIT RATE + 5 Lighthalzen Cards Lighthalzen Cards are a part of the Deadly Set where only 2 cards of the same set can be simultaneously active. Assassin Cross Add 20% ATK Add a 10% chance of gaining 20% of the damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack. You can only equip 1 Assassin Cross Card at a time. [Assassin] +20% more damage on Meteor Assault and Soul breaker Weapon Card Whitesmith Grants unstrippable status to the weapon this card is compounded to. When dealing physical attacks, allows a small change to trigger Level 1 Maximum Overthrust on the user. When dealing physical attacks, allows a small change to autocast Level 5 Mammonite. [Whitesmith] Increase Cart Termination and Axe Boomerang damage by 20+(Refine_Level)% Weapon Card Sniper Grants the user perfect hit rate (attacks will not miss with the exception of perfect dodge). [Sniper] Increase damage by 20%. Grants 5% chance to autocast Sharp Shooting at the highest level learned. Weapon Card High Priest Adds a chance of autocasting Level 4 Safety Wall on the user each time he/she is physically or magically attacked [High Priest] Increases Physical Attack damage by (INT/10)%. Increases MAgic damage by (VIT/15)%. Accessory Card High Wizard Allows the user to see hidden enemies. ATK -50%. MATK -50%. [High Wizard] Nullifies ATK and MATK penalties Headgear Card Lord Knight Max HP -10% Enables use of Level 1 Berserk [Lord Knight] Increases Spear Boomerang damage by 50%.
  13. Greetings, We have finalized our plans to move forward with upgrading the server hosting. Using the information from my comment regarding finding hosting solutions here - We will be relocating the server to Vint Hill, Virginia. While it's not a significant improvement for SEA players, it is an overall latency improvement on all of the server's demographics. Furthermore, we'll also be changing proxy servers - retiring and replacing SEA with NA West Proxy Server. Hopefully, a node that is actually between SEA and NA East will be a latency improvement. With this move, we will also be upgrading our client version to hopefully improve gameplay as well as fix client-side bugs. We will also be finally enforcing a single-client setting on Gepard. However, we will do our best to address legitimate issues that necessitate the need for dual-clienting before the upgrade. Overall, this project will take around 2 months to complete as we'll most likely be re-building the back-end from the start to optimize and re-organize changes we have made so far.
  14. Dazzu

    Donation Guide

    Currently, website donations are temporarily down while we improve the website. An alternative method to donating is directly though XIVRO paypal: Please access the XIVRO donation link at - https://www.paypal.me/xivro Ensure that the donation amount is in USD Input the amount you wish to donate Include your in-game name and username in the "Add a note" field Sent a PM to me (through forums or discord Dazzu#7449) indicating that you have made a donation, as well as your username and character name if it's not already included in the paypal note Once confirmed, I will transfer the correct amount of credits to your account You will receive the credits upon logging in or relogging. Note: - $1 USD = 100 Cash Points - Only CAD and USD are accepted - Any donations will be rounded up to the nearest whole number - Currently we only support paypal donations
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