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  1. RGM> Akatsuki for WoE today! PM SETSUNA

  2. We have decided to not add that hat anymore due to certain reasons that could be confusing to the community! We are going to add more hats to the event NPC so keep gathering those coins!!
  3. There will be a upcoming new automated event soon! An as for hosted events will be rewarded silver / gold coins as you stated! So just keep a look out!
  4. https://xivro.com/forum/index.php?/topic/61-xivro-events-guide/ Events guide is up! It is not set in stone as well. Will be making changes as time goes on!

  5. XIVRO Events Guide Welcome to the XIVRO Events Guide! Are you asking yourself what the heck are these events going on while your playing the game?! Don't worry buddy! This guide will teach you everything you need to know about events, how to play them, and what you can earn from them. Earn cool prizes and entertain yourself and your friends with fun events! What are events? What are events you may ask? Events are either hosted by Event Coordinators or we have Automated Event activities that happen in the server! If you win from any of the events you gain Event Coins and also additional XIV Points! But the big bucks are in the Event Coins. I will explain all the Automated Events that we have to offer in XIVRO down below! (Eventually there will be more for player consumption ). Event Coins Event Coins are earned from winning events! Here is how the conversions work: Bronze Tier > Silver Tier > Gold Tier 10 Bronze Coins = 1 Silver Coin Bronze Coin is the lowest coin you earn from small events (automated events or small hosted events). 10 Silver Coins = 1 Gold Coin Silver Coins are earned by exchanging 10 Bronze Coins at the Event NPC. Also earned by winning Silver Tier events which are only hosted by Event Coordinators. 10 Gold Coins = Event Hat Gold Coins are earned by exchanging 10 Silver Coins at the Event NPC. Also can be earned by winning Gold Tier Events which are only hosted by Event Coordinators. Tier Levels Here I will explain each tier events and what rewards you can receive. Also will explain the type of events! Bronze Tier Bronze Tier Coins are usually distributed through Automated Events. Silver Tier This one is a lot simpler to explain! Silver Tier events are basically only hosted events by Event Coordinators. Silver Tier Events range from: Free for all 1v1s, Free for all party (GvG/Regular), possibly more regarding PvP events! Depending on the event you can win a certain amount of Silver Coins. Whatever the Event Coordinator decides to reward out! Gold Tier Gold Tier Events is where the juicy stuff happens! Just like the one I hosted last month. These events range from big tournaments and quarterly PvP events! Rewards for this event can be an exclusive Event Hat, or Gold Coins! Juicy isn't it?? Event Rewards Event Rewards can be purchased through the Event Shop NPC! Event Shop Prontera (145,299) You use your accumulated Event Coins to purchase sweet rewards! These Event Hats will be rotated out! So make sure to save up your coins and get them while you can! Here is a list of rewards you can purchase starting from highest to lowest: You're ready to GO! Hopefully this guide will help any players old and new. If you have any questions regarding about events or if you feel like I've left anything out, you can message me on discord or leave a comment down below! Make sure you don't miss out and participate in any upcoming events or you'll regret it! Good luck and always remember to have fun!
  6. Although I love playing all classes mine comes down to only 2 classes that are my favorite Champion: My #1 favorite class to play and is my main class! Champion has the sweet one shot that is so satisfying to use and is very versatile when it comes to PvP. Also it is a good tank in PvE :D. Never seems to fail this class! #champismylife IGN: Impressive Paladin: This is recently my 2nd favorite class to play. Basically because you can be unkillable hahhahahaaha. And a party always needs a paladin IGN: Setsuna
  7. @Chady Nice guide man! Hopefully this will help new players! Maybe include PD build as an alternative? Because I use PD build
  8. Its lit!!! Follow me and I'll follow back ahahaha 😆

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