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  1. Points will later be adjusted on player base. Right now it is just a few players farming the invasions. This will chance one we further progress with the new updates.
  2. Recruitment has ended. Please give us a few days to review the applications. If chosen, you will receive a message through discord. Cheers!
  3. Will look into this, thank you for reporting.
  4. XIVRO Events - Eden Academy - Recruitment Hey everyone! With our server blooming and growing, we are in need of more events to engage our community! We are looking for active staff members to take part in Eden Academy, and if worthy, Eden Group. I will open Recruitment of Events staff. If accepted, you will take part on an undefined amount of training done by current Events staff in which you will show your creativity and professionalism skills. General Requirements Good general knowledge of Ragnarok Online & XIVRO Good forum/in-game reputation Fluency in English Patience & Trustworthiness Be an active member Creativity! To apply, reply to this topic using the following format: Name: In-Game Character Name: Discord Tag: Location & Timezone: Time playing Ragnarok: Experience with Events: What is your hobby? Have you ever been in a RO staff position? Why should we pick you to join Eden Academy? What do you think about solar energy? Breakdown of format: Keep in mind being a staff member yields a lot of responsibility. As events staff, you interact directly with the entire community, so we need players that bring joy to the server! Recruitment will remain open and will close on Sunday, June 21st, at midnight. If accepted, we will message you in forums. For any questions, please message me on discord (Ricky). Do not spam this topic asking questions! Hope to see some of you are interested in making XIVRO grow even more Cheers!
  5. Titanos


    @Prank We could consider this. Additionally, be reminded that we are listed under RMS as well! We're currently ranking 15 on High Rates. While facebook might help, RMS is a big platform that many RO players are familiar with and go to when finding information about servers or even items.
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