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  1. All still in Water?

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    2. Chady


      I only know how to float. Oof.

    3. Nikko


      Dude. U have Discord?

      Idk if u remember me. -Mickey

    4. Chady


      @Nikko of course I remember you 😄
      Im Dip#0645 in Discord

  2. Chady

    Future of XIVRO

    *erased most of the things I just typed* Oh well, whatever works.
  3. Chady

    Future of XIVRO

    I agree, that whole community deserves to know. Being left out like that and now this. Is this becoming bigger and bigger? The fact that Maurice and Matias reached out. It's like meeting a parent after disappearing for years. (To be more honest, their opinion doesnt matter they just deserve to know mehehe.)
  4. Chady

    Future of XIVRO

    @Yura, we get it. It's as simple as it is but if Reborn/XIV was really supposed be the next iteration of Dark then as it has been implemented it should've been a like with where its going. Cause if you look at it now, as Dazzu implied, its a complication if you merge the two. Its either the voice of the community or whatever the administration chooses. Why dont you guys lay out the possibilities here. What are the choices we have? What are the things you have been considering? Let us know. Cause as far as people understand, there is going to be a Wipe with either DarkRO's db or XIV's. DarkRO has its sentimental drama and XIV had its grinding moments. Both hard to let go. I'm not speaking for myself. Lastly, its not about the name but its about the time invested in that whatever name. And what flame about the name? The only flame I can consider here is if I address Shank's comments. As I have said before, you will have my support. Yet a decision has to be made soon so we'll know what to expect.
  5. Chady

    Future of XIVRO

    Things I wanted to say before knowing whats really up.. DarkRO is DarkRO and people shouldve let go of it a long time ago. XIV is something you also wanted and grasped at some point and wouldve accomplished and proudly say you've founded. In the end, as nothing still has been set on stone, its either XIV or Dark, wiped or not. I'll be where you'll be, if its still worth it.
  6. Chady

    Future of XIVRO

    Gosh I missed a lot of stuff Im not sure whats still there and what isnt anymore Im surprised with most of it but yeah, once all is stable and okay Id log in. Im just currently killing time with Minecraft. #needmorepeople still..
  7. Chady


    Share ng binabasa mo hahhaha o baka nabasa ko na lahat at nanahimik lang ako =)))
  8. Watermelooown..

  9. hi bro can you message me, ugh.... i cannot login to the old dark ro there are some errors showing up 😞 i really need to play

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    2. Chady


      Not sure if I can help you kasi wala na yata hot fixes doon when you patch..
      But, if may kilala ka na malapit na working ang client nila maybe they can help..maytitignan ka ba or kukunin on your account?

    3. dookie1642


      oo, actually naglalaro pa ako nung june 15, pagbalik ko ng hapon ndi na maka login.. tried it on 3 different laptops na may dark ro installed previously


    4. dookie1642
  10. Chady


    Ayye, this Setup is good Ive been using this too.
  11. And there you have it folks a pov from a new player.. Id happily make guides and add up to the existing ones.. What would a newbie rather do when they reach Max Level? Of course they would want to gear up. But how? Things like that? Actually someone already made a Sniper Guide from scratch to high tier but the recent updates messed it up so it had to be reset.. Dont worry, I can continue that work if the cards are settled..I mean from NPC Items to the higher ones.. But we have this: Beginner's Guide How can we improve this? Also, for the instances yes maybe we can give a general guide for the type of instance but not really how to beat it on someway thatd be removing the fun of actually discovering how to beat it..So maybe a General Information of each Instances.. Im pretty sure theres a plan for the Website and more thinking of the Voting System.. Anyway, thanks..please, tell us more of what you think in case more stuff come into your mind..
  12. Chady

    06-18-2020 Hotfix

    @Arrow, that Atroce Nerf on Monks lol.. What did you do?
  13. I only play Windows 10, Bedrock What server do you play on? or do you have a server? I just jump in any Asia Server share your builds here I kinda wanna see them.
  14. I started playing LoL again, I made a new account. IGN: Murazu Sado PH Server, let's play til I can rank. Also Im playing Minecraft Dungeons, if you have it my Gamer Tag is ChadyM. MC Dun: Pleeeeeeeh
  15. We goin animeeeeee? Zoro's babies next pleeees!
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