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  1. Obi

    Future of XIVRO

    I suggest keeping DarkRO dead and move on using the current database while slowly reimplementing what you want from DarkRO (Jedi class!). If you really want to keep its legacy, put it up as an alternative server akin to how DarkRO had both Force and Pie. Starting over is never fun and might put off a lot of players, myself included. I mean I might still play but it's just so disheartening to have to start over again from scratch. And no amount of incentive would ever satisfy long time players of XIV. P.S. Please don't let the old forum die. I have a lot of memories in it and I like reading old threads from time to time. P.P.S. Congrats btw. This is a huge predicament you're in but it just makes me happy knowing the old server isn't just going to die the way it did.
  2. That sounds great! I haven't played a whole lot since the quarantine has been semi-lifted but I'll give it a try when I have the time. It's been a while since this post, have you finalized the rewards for the instance yet?
  3. Obi


    For that cheap a budget, the conversion rate will be abysmal. Sure you get a bunch of impressions but most of that will go to waste as there really is nothing to compel them to get on board.
  4. Obi

    Proxy suggestion

    I'm curious what the difference is in hosting to DarkRO. I tried logging into that and it was bing bang boom I'm in. Moving there is so much smoother. And that's without a SEA proxy. Is there something stopping you from implementing the same server solution that DarkRO has?
  5. Some of these cards are from renewal monsters. Are we getting renewal maps populated? Yeah men! RIP new players. Time to max out every class now. Also, I don't know the original effect of a lot of the cards listed here. I know I could look them up in RMS but would there be any chance you have a side-by-side comparison of the original vs intended effect. If not, are these all buffs to cards or are there nerfs, too?
  6. I'm going to be honest, I don't understand why you insist on making MVP hunting harder. It is one of the easiest content on most servers and it should be as it is the bread and butter of most players with Instance farming catering towards end game players. I feel like it should just be left as it is currently (I'm leaning more towards making the more common MVPs easier to farm to allow additional solo content) and just focus on releasing more instances as harder content. There's tons you can do with instances and quests that doesn't require changing vanilla skills to make it harder.
  7. Obi


    Sitting around trash talking shouldn't be a problem. We're all adults here after all (I hope). But if they interfere duels, then that should be report-able at the very least. I disagree in completely taking off pk off in PVP maps. Some just like to hang out with their friends without getting shot dead randomly.
  8. OGH is also another fun one that requires some team play! And Temporal Boots definitely knocks the current footgear selection we have out of the water. They also give a similar enchantment effect to Infinite weapons. And some of the cards you get in exchange for coags and contaminateds aren't too shabby either.
  9. That sounds fun and I'd love to try it out some time just to know how it runs. Maybe broadcast it when you guys are starting in game so players who never tried it get a chance? The other day I tried multiple logging in 2 different PCs for a total of 4 clients just to get past the 2nd level of Thana Tower only to realize I need 5 people in a party. I want that sword too. I just wish people run Thana Tower more often. Wow that sounds great! Have you considered open beta testing so the community could help you speed up the tests for these instances? Also, if you can divulge the information, do you intend to keep the instance's original rewards or just replace them with XIV points? I guess I'm just worried it's the latter because of the reasons I stated in my post above. Also, if you haven't considered it yet, maybe try to implement them one at a time so we have something fresh every now and then instead of waiting until everything is tested and releasing them all at the same time.
  10. It's bound to happen to every content on an MMORPG. I doubt these instances wouldn't end up with the same fate. It's just a matter of having a lot of alternatives in terms of what you can do. More content means variety which means there's always going to be something for everyone. Also considering a good number of players here migrated from DarkRO means they have very little knowledge of these instances and it's always exciting to play something new. I agree. The vanilla effects of the gear from these instances actually are geared towards renewal stats so there definitely has to be some adjustments if the developers ever decide to put this in. We could always err in the side of making them underpowered and slowly adjusting upwards if needed (as opposed to them being OP at first then being nerfed) until they stabilize into the game's meta. They could of course, always just put XIV points in as rewards but where's the fun in that? Eventually we'll all be saturated in XIV points that it doesn't really entice people to participate in quests, MVP hunts or instances for them anymore. New equipment would definitely spice up the gameplay and a kinda-sorta gacha mechanic in the form of enchantments adds a bit of longevity to these instances' relevance.
  11. Endless tower, Nidhogg's dungeon and Thanatos tower are instances we've all played a lot in the past already. It's great that we have a custom Morocc instance but that doesn't cater much to beginner and mid-level players. The instance is so hard (so I've heard -- I've never actually tried it) that it requires a coordinated team. Not a lot of players have friends in game to play with and there are some, like me who prefer more solo stuff. There are a bajillion instances in iRO. Most of them are party-based like the ones we already have but there are some that cater to solo players. Others, while originally intended for parties, can be modified to be played solo in a high-rate server like ours. Below are some of the instances and, if applicable, how to make them solo-friendly. Note that some of these have basic rewards while others also open a lot of potential future content that could be implemented in XIVRO. (Some of the quest data I present may be different from official implementations. I played these personally on other private servers in the past so if there are mistakes or information that does not match iRO's, please pardon my ignorance.) Hazy Forest Description: Hazy Forest is exactly what it sounds like it is. You go into a forest with a bunch of trippy lights. The portals here are kinda sorta random (there's actually a pattern but I never really bothered to memorize them) and one wrong turn could bring you to the very first map. There's a bunch of backtracking involved and you also need to kill some monsters and find lost souls before proceeding. At the end, you face a dragon (that looks suspiciously like Nidhogg) and then you get access to a unique set of daily quests that grants Mora coins. Mora coins can be traded for unique equipment/supplies. Difficulty: This can definitely be played solo. I finished this with a non-max level Ranger in a low rate server so it shouldn't be too hard. The instance itself doesn't require any kind of team play so it's great for solo content. The monsters may need some adjustments so you don't just curbstomp the enemies and the final boss. Rewards: XIV points maybe? The primary reason for doing this instance is to open the Mora quests. The only reason you'd want to repeat this instance is for the exp it gives upon completion but seeing as this is a high-rate server, that may not be an appropriate reward. In my opinion, we already have plenty of sources for XIV points so it may be a good idea to just copy Mora quests and introduce new set of equipment. I have some ideas for this so wait for that post soon™. Infinite Space Description: This is my personal favorite. Not so much for the quest itself but rather the rewards after you complete it. Infinite Space is just basically Endless Tower on steroids. The map looks hella baller though so plus points for that. The premise is simple: There are 50 floors and you fight an MVP every 10 floors. Each floor has an Infinite version of a regular mob and the MVPs themselves are at their Infinite versions as well. Infinite versions of enemies are, you guessed it, stronger versions with higher HP and stats than usual. Oh, and some of them (including all MVPs) also drop a special Infinite version of their cards as well. Your entire party will automatically teleport a few seconds after killing the last enemy on the map. After defeating an MVP, a treasure box will spawn which contains a small number of Shattered Magic Stones distributed randomly among party members (more about this in the rewards section). There are also mini-bosses and special Porings that appear randomly on each map that drop Shattered Magic Stones as well. There is no final boss. The MVPs are just super fucking hard. Oh and did I mention there's a timer on each floor? Yeah, failing to kill all monsters on the floor within the time limit will get your entire party booted out of the instance. All in all a fun time but as I mentioned, the rewards are what makes this a good instance. Difficulty: Considering the involvement of MVPs, this definitely requires party play. MVPs have significantly higher HP and the timer pretty much means you have to have enough DPS to kill them before getting kicked out of the instance. The current iterations of MVPs in Endless Tower pretty much matches the power levels of Infinite MVPs so there's not a lot of tweaking involved if implemented. Rewards: EXP! Seriously, if someone broadcasts that they're looking for IS party members, and you're in the middle of leveling, you better join that shit to get 3 or 4 levels per run. But seeing as this is a high rate server and leveling is not a problem, there's a better reward. Remember those Shattered Magic Stones I mentioned? There just so happens to be an NPC outside the instance that trades special Infinite Weapons for those stones. "But Obi", you say, "those are shit weapons with just one slot. Ica weapons are better than those! Boo!" You couldn't be more wrong. Because just beside the NPC that trades Infnite Weapons is an NPC that enchants Infinite Weapons in exchange for Shattered Magic Stones. What enchantments you say? Here have a look for yourself: Possible Enchants. To break it down to you, there are 3 possible categories: Physical, Caster and Ranged. I forgot whether you get to choose or if it depends on the weapon but whenever you enchant a weapon, you have a chance to get one enchant from the list for up to three (or maybe four -- I forgot) maximum enchants. The enchantments are random but you have the option of resetting enchantments (for Shattered Magic Stones) at the risk of breaking the equipment. Example: you can get an Infinity Bow with 2 Expert Archer Lv 5 enchantment, and 1 Dex+1 enchantment. Expert Archer adds 2% long range physical damage per level (max of 16% at level 8) and it stacks so if you're lucky you can get a total of 48% long range physical damage. Spell Lvl is flat MATK (+27 at level 8) and cast time reduction (10% at level 8). Fighting Spirit is flat ATK (+27 at level 8) and HIT (+5 across all levels). These values and the stat enchantments from the table can be adjusted to be competitive against our current weapons and cards. This instance typically resets after 3 hours so it's fairly repeatable to be able to farm the stones. Geffen Magic Tournament Description: Last but not the least, another solo instance for my introverted non-friends out there. This instance's premise is simple. You enter a tournament in Geffen, fight a bunch of NPCs (that act like players) tournament style and win prizes. It's PVP but not really. All matches are 1v1 and you start with a novice enemy and eventually end up fighting no other than Fenrir himself. Every enemy are human so PVP sets are required and some of the matches require certain strategy in winning. Not much to say about this. I know it sounds boring but with proper adjustments to match the enemies for high rate stats, this should be a lot of fun. Difficulty: Not too difficult but shouldn't be a breeze either. Requires some knowledge on some of the stages otherwise you get insta-killed by something. Rewards: Geffen Magic Tournament coins or GMT coins for short. These are traded for special equipment which could also be enchanted similar to Infinity Weapons. The difference is that these weapons have a focus to magical or MATK based builds and stats. Most enemies also have a chance to drop cards. A lot of these cards are PVP oriented so there's that. Seriously, go back to that RMS link for Fenrir and check out the effects of the items he drops and his card effect (there are 2 versions). Conclusion I hope I made these instances sound as fun as they were actually playing them. Not only do they spice up the already stale gameplay of what we already played a million times before, they also introduce cool new mechanics, items and equipment that could further diversify the builds and equipment sets we currently have. I have a lot more ideas for other instances but I'm worried this post may be too long but if anyone (especially the dev team) is interested to hear more, I'll be more than happy to provide you with more samples and even some ideas how to get them to fit our new server. Thanks for reading! Cheers!
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    Did someone say Sheev?
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