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    Jedi and Sith

    Actually on my opinion, that is the reason why XIVRO is a good server(or you can say better) because it didn't copy or carry the theme or the name of original DarkRO. It shows respect for the legacy of DarkRO we loved. And yeah I'm here because it feels like the same RO I used to play but I choose to stay because it is not the same as before. P.S. +1 to everyone
  2. Nippy


    +1 on this @TomHD. "XIVRO" doesn't sound compelling but I might say this server is much better than other high rate cool name servers.
  3. Nippy


    Chill man. Haha I think it is meaningful tho.
  4. Nippy


    Sounds cool tho.But X eev RO is a lil bit long and im too lazy to say that way. I agree. Fourteen RO doesn't sound right. Haha
  5. Nippy


    I'm glad it's not "eks ay vi" lol Seev RO is a lot easier to say.
  6. Nippy


    For starters, hope this would be a good one. How do you pronounce "XIV"? This is the first thing comes to my mind when I registered. Kinda confuse or it just me?
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