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    AGAIN !!!! How long this will continue ? 7 days ban again ??? STUPID PUNITION FOR IT. IP BLOCK NOW. I thought the Staff on this server was different from the others, but unfortunately I don't know anymore
  2. No. with that, the Professor would stop using mistress and could use a resistance card. In a woe it makes a lot of difference -1
  3. Roseta

    Frost Joke

    After Update Frost Joke, bragi is not taking the joke's delay. OBS: Bragi have 150 int
  4. No more.... Tks, my Friends
  5. Roseta

    Woe tonight

    With the new update, there are now only 15 players in the guild. Let's organize, Let's make a good woe, whoever can film and make videos to promote, what calls players for a server is mainly a quality woe, and we all know that our woe is good. I hope to see everyone tonight at the woe, regardless of which clan they play. GO XIVRO
  6. Exato meu rei, mas ja foi tudo resolvido via discord. a Regra será retirada. Como mesmo falaram, nao tem como rastrear todo mundo que tem hoje em dia
  7. I spoke to prank today about this. He said that after this Update, they will focus on that
  8. ***ANTES DE MAIS NADA É UM TÓPICO ONDE ME DIRECIONO A COMUNIDADE BRASILEIRA NESSE SERVIDOR*** Galera, estamos em 2020, todo mundo tem um Mouse(quem nao tem, tem condições de comprar um, pq o preço é acessovel) com o MACRO, Ontem me informaram que está proibido esse tipo de coisa. SIM, NO RAGNAROK 2020 está proibido usar um programa do seu MOUSE. Se levarmos em consideração que eles vão banir todos que usarem, o SERVER TEM 70 PLAYERS ONLINE acredito que vai para uns 15~20 online, Pq todos nós conhecemos alguem que usa, é a coisa mais normal do jogo, nos dias de hoje. "AH MAIS NO DARKRO NAO PODIA USAR MACRO" sim, nao podia, nao existia macro em mouse naquela época, ,a Galera usavam programas terceiros. Se é pra ser igual o darkRO , que coloquem Sith e Jedi antes de qualquer coisa. Eu sinceramente, se essa regra for válida, nao nem perder meu tempo para ser reportado e banido. Já dou quie e bye. Não vou quebrar meu botão dou teclado pra soltar skill, AH MAS ISSO É CHORO ROSETA. Vai lá competir no spam, com uma pessoa que tem ping 20 e nós que temos 200, mano a mano, no dedo. Vai lá dps me fala. Já posso procurar outro server pra gente? Vou aguardar essa semana, para ver o decorrer das coisas. UM SERVER ONDE RACISTAS ANDAM LIVRE POR AI, mas querer BANIR galera que USA MACRO DE MOUSE, é triste DMS
  9. Roseta


    Nice bro, I don't know if it will extend to the Philippines, because the ping for them is too big. but it never hurts to try
  10. Roseta

    Proxy suggestion

    Washington and Quebec wouldn't change much. just don't put in Seattle , it would be impossible to play. The ping is high, but we don't have a LAG, However in a pvp for Siwtch it is a big difference with those who have smaller pings.
  11. Roseta

    Proxy suggestion

    PLZZZ Dazzu, we need it. +10000000000
  12. Egnigem Cenia Every 9 Base INT, you gain 1 STR Cenia >>> Lady Tanee ?
  13. Roseta


    Put a table and chair in sprt then, Ty +1

    1. Sebas


      +1 roseta senpai 😍

  15. Roseta

    Country Duo

    This is a possible country duo ???? +1
  16. i like. Back Mvp for Orignal in RO, Remove Drop C box and ligth of icarus and Original Respaw too
  17. Roseta


    Because it have youtube
  18. Roseta


    Stay in prontera. No in pvp, PVP IS DUEL OR MOB.
  19. Roseta


    Remove pkoff in pvp maps (sograt, sprt, geffen, go 15) Several people sit around pk off and give a trash talk, passing by when you're dueling for you to miss the click and lose the target. This also applies to Novice level 1. To sit and talk, stay in go 0
  20. So nice, place tiquet by Zenny. 1kk = 1 tick who knows, maybe he doesn't value Zenny
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