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  1. As events such as Cluckers, NVZ, and Bomb Poring gives 50 event points to 1 winner and only 20, maybe 30 pts as consolation to other participants. I think it would only be fair to keep the old invasion points which was 1, 3, and 5 for the last wave as it is the only way to gain points for losing participants, and/or other players than only do or are only able to do Invasion. Thoughts?
  2. In order to have Jedi and Sith, SG and Taekwon would have to be taken out of the game, unsure if we have to if it's on newer clients though.
  3. Let's face it, XIV and DarkRO aren't even close nor show any relation with each other. If we are to transition to the old name, it would most likely confuse people as a ton of mechanic changed starting with MvP hunting down to crafting. And I call BS on this: It is a gamble. People would be expecting the gameplay to be the same as it was in the old days but imagine hunting for a card and being ambushed by a doppelganger that's been on XIV steroids. Every bit from the topic here is a gamble. There's a difference between XIV transitioning into Dark and Dark being integrated into XIV as beside from both server being Pre-Renewal the difference is night and day. And as funny as it is, Rebirth is doing a lot better than I expected this server would despite the dirty tactic they pulled prior to their launch and all their drama. Mind you, I'm not adlibbing for Rebirth, I haven't even installed the thing since my Windows Defender denied it.
  4. It's quite unfortunate that the intention being shown is different from the message being sent.
  5. "Nothing is set to stone yet"

    I'm wearing a Gemini card and a +6 Fortress Armor. Also getting stoned is legal in Canada. Please get off my back.

    1. Chady


      *throws bread..

  6. Also no amount of compensation would suffice for the amount of hours we've put in since day 1. I double posted, ban me.
  7. I saw this happening and is one of the reasons why I slowed down, lost interest and actually went inactive for quite some time. However, what disappoints me most is the change from "Oh yes, we actually meant it to be that way so it wouldn't be "GRINDY" and people would actually have time to do something else, rather than grinding all day." to "Well nothing was set in stone, we fucked up, so let us wipe all your progression which you invested time, sweat and blood in so we can name ourselves DarkRO." The former being what was exactly said and I believe people would back me up when I say it is, and the latter being the statement after you've secured the old domain. And since I was told not to share the information that I was given to prevent insider leaks. I leave you with this while you're exploring your options and before you implement the changes: Half will without doubt not work. The math is ridiculous, it would only end up the same as the ones you implemented before and nerfed/changed later on. Some were clever ideas, but some weren't given much thought to. Implementing those would only upset the present players still and will give new comers a hellish time. That's if they would even prefer to come here. You're only gonna end up losing whatever players you have left soon, and would probably just push through with the wipe. One of the points you are missing: We don't care if the economy gets drunk, wrap its sorry ass to a tree and then explode due to its non-existensial crisis. However, I will not dismiss the points that does deserve compliment I've seen a lot of changes when it came to PvP that would've taken a year for the old DarkRO to implement perhaps just one or two of those. You've taken MvP hunting to a new level although it wasn't really everyone's cup of tea. And even though I was with you people and hardly ever against anything that was implemented until recently, it is with a heavy heart that I'm gonna be frank with you all, this isn't gonna work out by simply riding on the name "DarkRO" as you hope it would. P.S. by all means, criticize, butcher everything stated above. I no longer give a fuck. I'm sitting this one out. P.P.S. xiv/darkro = 0, rebirth = -4(went up 1 point) Cheers.
  8. Game face on.

  9. Tsuki


    To any players of Call of Duty Modern Warfare franchise and or Warzone, if you'd be so kind enough to drop your BattleNet tag below here so can perhaps join forces in kicking ass. Tsuki#11515 Cheers.
  10. Quoting as I think replies after this actually missed the fact that this exist.
  11. More on refined items as per how the conversation went in game. It's only been a couple of hours since this was posted, and from my perspective. It isn't looking good.
  12. Okay, here's my two few cents and Imma keep it short. I got nothing against the management, I like yall but no. Having to develop two servers at once while we're having any to barely progress here would just frustrate both you guys and the players. That'll eat you up, I shit you not. I think we've all learned, if not, should learn from our own and our predecessor's mistake. Certainly, putting both servers together would end up screwing the economy even more, and turning it to another clean slate would definitely frustrate or rather screw us too. There are problems already present, and creating even more rather than finding a solution would be more catastrophic than just simply painting it over and using whatever's already there as a guideline. I daresay, we pick up our old banner, and fight for that flag which was the actual plan in the first place.
  13. Tsuki

    Custom Cards Guide

    or https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10Qp-04LEup9FERTM5fLASoKiJTOeFLPV5kovJ6wgqcQ/edit?usp=sharing If you don't wanna scroll up and down and keep searching which slot it belongs to. Made it for my sake, might as well share.
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    Wala na ko fb pls share. HAHAHA
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