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  1. I think the Eddga card is a typo. It should be -5% hp , but might reduce it down to -10% hp
  2. According to Prank , it requires further testing. We still havnt decided. Last min edit. Re enabled crothen on wiz , will prob disable Mind breaker though to prevent :monkaS: dmgs
  3. High wizard always been lit. People dont know how to play it though. Just practice ! . On a side note for some clarification Ifrit card now grants 5% atk / hit / crit rate at max job lvl (100) .
  4. Straigth up crash , or does it give you a log ?
  5. I still think it has a place in there. Considering new players will want that dragon wing as soon as they see it. At least <I DID>
  6. @beep boop Haha thats alright , i already took my favorite ones . I think the only one i'm missing is Cinder :zoomeyes:
  7. Reduce some of the XIV items price down. Considering the reduction of the re-spawn times on all the mpvs, some of the XIV shop items cost make little to no sense right now. Here's what I propose : Icarus light 200 points -> 150 points Fire Dragon Scale 250 points -> 100 points Dragon Soul 250 points -> 100 Points Bloody edge 250 points -> 150 points Keeping the price on boarding halter / gym pass is a good idea for XIV points sink.
  8. Most of my characters names are based of an old fighting game called Killer Instinct. My most used one would probably Chief Thunder , i also have Sabrewulf , Jago , Orchid and Aria
  9. Hey guys , out of curiosity, what are you guys's favorite classes to play ? Maybe you have a single one , or maybe , you're like me and like to play multiple :D. In no set order , the classes I prefer to play are : Lord Knight , Gypsy and High Wizard. Lord knight , because I truly believe is the most versatile class when used to its full potential ( albeit you do mostly use 1 skill in GvG maps XD ) Gypsy , can turn the tide of pvp just by being present. Their songs utility is really what makes this class one of the most useful. High Wizard , Really fun class to play overall , but requires alot of switching equipment and knowledge ,although it struggles to get kills on alot of classes due to GTB counter , it is still a power house.
  10. Joaquin


    Am I the one who emphazise the X in xiv, so it sounds like "X" eev RO
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