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  1. *Just to clarify, I am not against the direction we are headed, whether it be for better or worse only time will tell.* This is again simply just my two cents on the matter and I don't speak for everyone, however doesn't that mean that going forward it is rather pointless to progress on the current game as it'll be wiped out anyway? I fully understand that it would be completely unfair to newer players if we did not wipe as some of us have obtained gears a hell of a lot easier than what they would have to go through to obtain the same gears. I think that wiping and a new start is the most fair option for everyone BUT several did put in countless hours to get to where they are now and I think this will rub a lot of the players the wrong way and might even make them stop playing the game altogether.
  2. @Frans What's your IGN? I'd be glad to help, and many others. We do frequent endless tower runs which pretty much consists of majority of the MVPs in the game so it would be a good spot to start learning and definitely tanking since there are more people who prefer to DPS than tank.
  3. Sebas

    Custom Cards Guide

    didn't andre egg get nerfed to +25k hp xd
  4. I may be wrong but I don't think people really solo MVPs much anymore as there is no real merit in doing so. With the @findparty/@registerparty command in place and as well as individual drop chances on Cboxes and Light of Icas being implemented, it is far more efficient to find a group to hunt with. The only time people would still really solo MVPs is when there is absolutely nobody hunting. Now, you mention that tanking is too easy and monotonous but that statement also applies to the DPS, like snipers. It is still the same, buff up and attack the boss and wait till it dies. If we agree with the notion above that most people would prefer to group up rather than solo hunt (to save time and for efficiency) and let's say that champions got this change so that steel is now 15 seconds - if I am a person who wants to dual log, I would still dual log with a priest + champ and just buff myself and focus on my champ tanking. Or If I am one of the archer dps, I'd still dual log with archer +another support. The changes on champ will not have accomplished anything. Dual loggers would still dual log. The proposed changes to champ only serve to handicap solo players who want to dual log but doesn't do much for those who decide to party up. I think there probably exists a method more ideal to combat dual logging. Steel body and the way MVPs are hunted at the moment, in my opinion, does not have too much issues. I just genuinely think there is no real need for changes on steel body. I could definitely be wrong but these are just my current thoughts on Steel Body and the dual logging situation.
  5. Sebas


    sounds promising, will get quite competitive with a point system in place. anyhow i'm hopeful that we will all come to a consensus eventually with ideas regarding pvp.
  6. Sebas


    fair, but i guess the main issue now is the lack of 1v1s, it’s mostly an entire group vs a solo player, and obviously a solo player stands no chance. need a way to enjoy 1v1s or atleast a FFA.
  7. Sebas


    well every server is unique and doesn’t have the same metas and strategies so they can’t just look up random pvp on youtube to get better. if you wanna get good at pking in this specific server who better to learn from than the actual players pking IN the server.
  8. Sebas


    i kinda do agree that pvp maps should be for pvp players playing against each other and not a place to sit and afk in, however i’m also torn between removing pk off and keeping it because some people also do like to spectate and watch other people pvp. you learn a lot from watching people pk against each other.
  9. shanks stop bullying people in sprt and they will come back to pvp i know you don’t mean most of the things you say and you only do so in hopes to trigger them so they keep coming back but new players might take it the wrong way and get turned off and stop pvping all together if their first run in was against you. you’re a really chill guy but not everyone knows and understands the reason for the way you do certain things have mercy on some of us shanks senpai.
  10. still feels underwhelming
  11. Sebas


    do you really though you've yet to invite me roseta senpai
  12. Late to the party but I got my review in
  13. I second this, especially when you have to frequently relog from using berserk. FA damage is significant enough that you should have a falcon when hunting. You always lose falcon uppon relogging and it gets fairly tedious to have to constantly go to pront to get another. Please and thank you
  14. Sebas is a character from an anime called overlord and for some reason I found the name very appealing so I took it as my username and I've kinda just stuck with it I guess. So yeah like tsuki, I am also a weeb and that is were I got the name from. (Sebas Tian(Sebastian)).
  15. Genius marketing will have to take my business to those vendors for this crispppppp guide. very well done guide sir tyty now i can tank instead of always just being the dps.
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