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  1. Shanx

    Future of XIVRO

    @Prank the question is not the design or if it is abusable, is removing a story from the "DARKRO" it's just because of the nostalgia I think you don't understand what I mean
  2. Shanx

    Future of XIVRO

    I will come back here to say the same thing again, don't change the game and keep your traditions !! you ask me what has changed? MVP hunt, there are a lot of people who enjoy doing MVP alone and currently this is impossible ! of course you have to innovate and bring new things, but without changing the old game form ok? can you understand that? this is very good when it doesn't change the old game I will show again, 3 videos this time: here you just want to remove the gold room a tradition must be maintained creating new things without changing the tradition of game that's all i wanted to say to try to help staff
  3. Shanx

    Future of XIVRO

    you have to keep a "DARKRO" tradition and not change a lot because the Darkro audience will not like so many changes. for example: 1 - many costumes: it's just my opinion, but I would like to see everyone with the combo (VH + DW) or (VH + Icarus Wing) or (kages+wings) (Naruto Bandagens) it was very nostalgic. 2 - Simplify Icarus Weapons' edp & buff system: I prefer it as it was before, and that this accessory did not exist, the damage will be less for everyone, and whoever has it the "cards" will benefit. 3 - Remove the "gold" room: me and some friends really like to stay there, killing Pecos while listening to music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHuDg518kyQ look at the number of views of a video from 2 months ago,he took the trouble to make a video teaching not to lose the gold room points, there are a lot of people who really like to stay there. this was a very nostalgic room from our "DARKRO" that you want to remove. 4 - the game has to be a little easier to get the items because nowadays everyone has little time to play I know that it is very difficult to be a server administrator, each person says something different and it is very difficult to get everyone to like and agree with everything but one thing I'm sure, not change much and keep traditions that many people will like, mainly the "philippines" where the most DARKRO players exist. These are just my insights as a "DARKRO FORCE" worshiper and fan Anyway, more power to you guys!
  4. impossível jogar sem isso, e ngm vai se matar clicando não, tem que ser retirada mesmo se não for é QUIT e BYE
  5. KKKKKKKKKKKKK ai é fogo ! OBS: se voce não sabe ? MAXWELL é meu melhor amigo desse jogo kkk THE BEST EVER EVER !! então vá procurar o seu lugar !! XD
  6. had forgotten that detail, I prefer it was 25% than losing -6 range, but I already know what the problem is balance the stalker without strengthening the SNIPER which already has a lot of damage it's hard to balance, but i've been waiting since i started playing .. a decent and strong stalker just like "DARKRO FORCE" I just wanted an efficient stalker in a "RAID" as I used to do in the "DARKRO" I wore "intimidate" ability and in the 1vs1 I could kill my opponent
  7. Description Eddgar card "ENDURE + 5%HP", this is very strong for CHAMP players, SNIPERS and STALKERS will die easy.
  8. Shanx

    Proxy suggestion

    @Dazzu do what you think is best for the server !! I think that in the philippines has many "players" and you should be fix the ping for them, and then we would have more players on server.
  9. blz seu covarde, voce é um covarde MAX pisar em SPRT já sabe né ? MORRE !! kkk
  10. Shanx


    the map was made for PVP right? so all should use "PK ON" +1
  11. nice ideia, may be even more atk 25% or 30%? XD
  12. I would like really PvP to have that incentive of "XIV POINTS" it would be great for those who like PVP +1
  13. my problem on that server is the empty PVP.... we need going to motivation players to the PVP..... I hate to play PVE but love PVP, so who is a PVP player like me, will love an incentive of "XIV POINT" while spending their supllies on PVP. I know that it is difficult to implement a PVP ARENA or something like that, but I believe that you can !! that's all i have to say.
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