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  1. Yura

    Future of XIVRO

    Well I have to interfere once more since I'm being quoted out of context. I'll try to be clear so it can't happen again. Us switching our name to DarkRO is not a gamble. It's not a gamble to that we're doing in order to appeal to more players. It's not a final gambit where we're putting all of our cards on the table. It has nothing to do with advertising to a wider player-base. It's simply what was going to happen from the very beginning. The reason that this topic has spiraled completely off course is because people are associating the timing of whats happening as the root of the pre-planned change to our name. As I stated in my previous post, our name was already in the process of becoming DarkRO since before the beta. The discord name was even DarkRO:Reborn. The only reason that it was changed was because Rebirth took the idea and started running with it. However, that doesn't mean it was permanent. If we're throwing this specific term around, then the name DarkRO "was set in stone". What this forum thread is about is the database. That is it. Not the name. Not the implication of changing it to obtain players. Nothing of the sort. When the thread was started, it was stated that the database is going to be transferred along with the name change. That is the only point of contention within this thread. When it comes to the old DarkRO, its contents will be archived. We aren't combining servers, or joining forces or however it might be seen. The plan is to simply pick ours up, and move it over there (Insert Patrick Meme Here). The thread was made because of the current economy; It's not what we want for Dark (as once again stated in the first post). This is us being as transparent as possible because we care about the game. This is where we stand as of now. Maurice has given us his blessing, and we wish to continue the legacy of DarkRO. We have finalized obtaining the legal rights to the server name DarkRO, which was the original plan-- And it still is as of now. The name change would also welcome the addition of Jedi/Sith as well as a horde of new weapons, skills and items. There are plans in place that are smoothing out the game in terms of currencies, crafting and shopping. The problem is the current broken economy. That's all. If we want to talk about the name DarkRO and what that name alone means, I would welcome you to create a new thread to discuss it there. This thread is about the database and the transfer.
  2. Yura

    Future of XIVRO

    I'm going to intervene quickly to state one last point, since everyone apparently is using the name change to DarkRO as a gambit. We we're always the next iteration of DarkRO. Even in the discord, when you joined (had you joined before beta was over), it was "DarkRO: Reborn". It was changed to xiv as a placeholder when Rebirth started their own campaign soon after. The process to obtain the name was started long before the server even went into beta. The only reason we weren't named DarkRO right out of the gate was the fact that Matias had to send resources, and Maurice had to legally entitle us to the rights. Us changing our name to dark isn't a gamble. It's the same direction that it has always been headed. This discussion on the forums has nothing to do with the name, yet people take it as the driving force for the decisions being made. This forum was made as a discussion about the potential change. It is not a forum to flame about the name of the server, nor the implications of the aforementioned change. I believe the confusion comes from the fact that Jedi and Sith were said to be coming with the name, but that's merely accompanying the legacy it holds. I hope the thread takes a turn towards the direction of discussion from here.
  3. Yura

    Future of XIVRO

    That's true. While the reality of a potential wipe is on the horizon, it is and will only be done as a last resort. Steps have been made to improve the longevity of the game by slightly slowing the insane quickness of progression, as well as more fixes and general tweaks coming to the main game. While these fixes are going to slowly start to regulate the economy, the problem still persists with the sheer amount of highly refined items out there. The tl;dr of what happened was: During Beta, everything was going great.. However, when everyone learned there would be a wipe after beta to transition to the main game, they decided to stop playing and wait for the servers actual release. Therefore, the amount of items we thought they got in the entire month was actually in the first week or so, thereby giving us the impression that gear progression was a lot slower than it actually was. Now for the facts of the matter. In the long-run, a wipe would be much healthier for the server. It would help get rid of most of the problem that is plaguing the economy, and therefore start to actually generate one among the players. After the initial changes, there would be a new market where players would be using zeny/credits to purchase items from other players, rather than everyone opting to buy with cash points/xivpoints and the like, since they already possess everything they need for end-game gear. For the opposite side of the spectrum, not wiping would be more beneficial to the players rather than the server as a whole. It is completely understandable in the sense that nobody wants to lose their items. It doesn't matter how hard or easy it was to obtain them; nobody wants that-- Players or Staff. IF this were to go through, this would most likely be the only wipe to ever happen. You all already know that Dazzu cares about each and every one of you because of how hard he worked replacing the items lost during that server crash a while back. He spent countless hours making sure everyone was attended to. He wouldn't be suggesting a wipe unless it was absolutely necessary; and it isn't, yet. We are still floating ideas around of exactly how we're going about this, but rest assured, the best and most reasonable course of action will be taken to make sure that any damage (if any at all) is minimal at best. IF the wipe were to happen, everyone active would be compensated accordingly, and be given a fair head-start when the transition to DarkRO happens.
  4. Yura


    I don't have it for the PC, buuuut....
  5. Yura

    Future of XIVRO

    Poring Boxes will still retain a chance to summon Ghostring and Devilring.
  6. This is gonna be an unpopular opinion, but I want more things out of the shop. The more items we put up as rewards, the more they're taken away from the economy, and that's gonna hurt us in the long run.
  7. I haven't played Dungeons, but I am a wiz at building stuff in the normal game
  8. Yura


    Banned for 2 weeks, due to second offense. Further harassment will contribute to a longer sentence. Roseta warned for multiple posts in RA section without being a part of the topic.
  9. Yura

    [BVA] Hooligan

    Muted and Jailed for 6 hours.
  10. Yura

    [BOT] Hooligan

    Discarded due to insufficient Evidence. Punished in another report.
  11. Kiid

    Can't believe you dont follow me 😢

  12. My only real concern for this is allowing skill use. Also, while not correct from a lore standpoint, I don't have a problem with the Attack Speed not changing upon cast.
  13. Well.. It will be a considerable damage increase, since Hydra and Turtle General gives you 20% each already. Since multiple of one card doesn't stack as good as multiple cards with similar effects, an extra 20% from another card will be pretty deadly.
  14. Yura


    Banned for 7 days. Further harassment will contribute to a longer sentence. For future reference, we don't accept edited/cropped screenshots. and chatlogs must be extended all the way. Also, the post title Must be the name of the accused, and nothing more.
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