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  1. Ben

    Future of XIVRO

    I would suggest ironing out the content and economy first then go through the website and advertisement, server wipe is not necessary, new comers will just adjust to whatever the current game has and besides, the current players will surely help new players to gain their gears. Regarding with darkro.net, I think its already late. We have xivro now and the tag "DarkRO" has already been tainted badly but lets just fix the current server and see what will happen in the future, who knows.. things might work out.
  2. update, fixed by dazzu.. thank you
  3. S> +10 Icarus Sword | +10 Icarus Bow .. show offers please
  4. ign: Tatiyana its almost been a week and my clan hunt quest did not reset
  5. Ben


    Duterte na tayo ngaun, stop mo na yan pre mag bago kana
  6. Ben

    Identifier NPC

    yeah specially that we cant drop items in pront anymore. warping in and out sux
  7. Ben

    Custom Cards Guide

    please clarify on Giant Whisper Card, ig description says => 80
  8. Imagine with this effect, tanking in lhz, those summons will kill you.
  9. I also experienced this, updating my kro fixed my problem.
  10. and throw some Valhalla's flower on the menu
  11. Typical Sniper Champ dual solo combo
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