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  1. That's why it has a "/" or "or" notation.
  2. 1,2,3 would suffice for me but well, whatever.
  3. Arrow

    Future of XIVRO

    That is true, and no one ever said that the development must be halted. Ngl, this feels like we're in the beta phase of the server. Being transparent on the work behind the scenes is one way to make us feel assured that something is going on and being progressed, not just "wait and see" or saying "soon" every now and then. PS: Please hire one or two GM event from the previous recruitment, we need em bronze coins :d
  4. Arrow

    Future of XIVRO

    Most of the current players have been crying out loud for this for almost 2 months. Adding more content without an increase in the number of players will just be wasted. For example, battlegrounds, it really is a great content but since the server don't have enough players to participate in it (even if you only need 6 participants in most of the game modes), it will just be ignored. And 3-4 weeks of waiting will make the players grow tired of waiting tbh.
  5. Arrow

    Future of XIVRO

    I personally believe that putting the economy on hold since the server's launch was a bad idea. That's why we, "Kaboom" party didn't sell a single LHZc (before implementing LHZ npc) since we didn't see a single thing that will be equally worth to the "hunted and hard earned" lhz cards. Up for this.
  6. Arrow

    Future of XIVRO

    Here's another suggestion, please add staffs, the ones who engage in the community as they should be the people who build a harmonious community. I only see staffs/GMs in WOEs but not in the community.
  7. Arrow

    Future of XIVRO

    This is just my opinion but I firmly think most of the players wouldn't /like/ this implementation if ever this is implemented. As a player who has been online for every single day since I started XIVRO a week after its launch. I'd say not all of the players would want to start anew even with these /incentives/. Having two servers running by one admin would put a lot of stress on him. Ngl, Dazzu has been very considerate and patient into putting XIVRO into a better server for everyone but no, one server should just be the only priority of an admin. These are just my insights as a player. Anyway, more power to you guys!
  8. Arrow


    S> ANY LHZ CARD = CP pm me in game ( Yuufa / Arrow ).
  9. Arrow


    Sarap magbasa-basa. Matatawa ka na lang skskkss
  10. Arrow

    Identifier NPC

    Can we merge the Identifier and Healer NPC as one? As they only have a one-click-purpose. Why not merge them into one?
  11. We've done Bangungot instance again and apparently, it doesn't give out rewards (to the MVP) anymore, only loots.
  12. Arrow

    06-18-2020 Hotfix

    Sharing is caring. But nerf-ing is heartbreaking</3.
  13. No, we were only 3 in the party without any duals.
  14. Bangungot Instance gave the reward items for the MVP only. It didn't reward all of the members.
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