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  1. Sorry to barge in. Agreed with lowering the amount of monster kills needed for Novice board. I'd say 30 kills x 3 kinds of monster are fine as it will take time for players to search for corresponding monster's map via Ratemyserver or the system's handy @whereis & @mi <monsters name>. Would also like to suggest that board quests reward players with zeny while retaining the amount of xiv points given. Say about:@ 2 million zeny for Novice Board(5-10 minute cooldown upon completion ) 5 million zeny for Intermediate Board(1 hour cooldown upon completion ) 10 million zeny for Expert Board(6 hours cooldown upon completion ) I believe that with similiar implementation on the board quests would allow both new/old(yep, veteran) players to learn more about the monsters, maps or Ragnarok in general and still allow item/character progression rather than treasure box hunting for that purpose. Although this probably require some sort of guide to let players know the existence of board quests, I suppose someone with better essay writing could do the honor?
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