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  1. EDIT MY POST!! damn... why 1 pt all the way up to 3rd wave? so annoying
  2. BaTaS

    Future of XIVRO

    NO WIPE... thats GOOD NEWS!!!!!! Lets Start a serious ADVERTISEMENT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
  3. BaTaS

    Future of XIVRO

    Decide ASAP if you guys plan to wipe the game so that we dont have to waste our time and move forward..
  4. BaTaS

    Future of XIVRO

    I dont understand. If people wants to play they'll play even if other has end gear like DRO days.. i play 2007 on and off.. i cameback 2011 if im not wrong most player have rnd game gear but still manage to catch up because i want to play the server.. samething with us right now.. if people want to play our server it doesnt matter if they start from scartch. Trust me wiping server isnt a good idea.. you'll lose loyal players.. included me.
  5. hope we can include this card on MVP shop.. probably lower price than Lhz..
  6. BaTaS

    06-18-2020 Hotfix

    SinxC still useless.. only good for sniper that MVP hunt. and probably GS in Woe.. other than that its still useless.. 20% heal on 40% chance? i just bought sinxc just for testing imagine Ex. 40k damage you gain 8k (40k damage cant be done generally but lets assume) most likely player got 300k HP. that 8 hits to kill. you have 40% chance lets assume 50/50.. 4 proc * 8k = 32k HP heal. so if you have 300k HP.. i have gain 10% hp. which is for me useless in term of pvp. but reality damage 20k. so you have 2k heal for 40% chance out of your 300k HP. merchant cant use it theres no point, Same as Mage. also for above jobs that been mentioned, (10% chance useless), for ninja? nope but u can try. archer yah for hunting yah but why would i spend 20k mvp pts.. if someone can actually resu me and heal. also boss wont last. for the damage using AS AS tg hy / Sinc AR tg hy / Sinc AS AS TG = SAME DAMAGE for Hunting basically its always AS ABYSMAL SINC / AS ABYS ABYS / AS ABYS TG / AS AS ABYS = SAME DAMAGE IN SHORT FOR ME.. USELESS CARD..
  7. BaTaS

    06-18-2020 Hotfix

    Arrow Abuso.. thats why.. lmao clear MVP pts please... XD
  8. Im happy now.. i have my roast memory... XD
  9. BaTaS

    06-18-2020 Hotfix

    Gonna test that WS nerf later.. i normally do 122k on dummy.. and 100k on axe boom. XDDD Hope not like Rapid Shot nerf like -50% dmage Update on my damge... CT from 122k = 82k Axe Boom 100k = 45k Pvp CT from 70k = 35k Axe boom 62k = 20k HOORAY....
  10. it doesnt add INT as intended.. it only give +6 int on +9 Item
  11. Trash Update on Rapid.. making it Useless.. You just make it -50% damge? brains
  12. BaTaS


    we actually need some staff to review all the content from this forum
  13. i was trying to do the brasilis item quest but i cant warp on brasilis dungeon 2 using the NPC warper.. it says pre renewal.. am i missing something or what?
  14. Fixed an issue where Maximum Overthrust effect does not affect Rapid Shower and Asura Strike. this still not fix..
  15. BaTaS

    Vote for points

    no feedback at all.. there are a lot of good ideas that needs to be consider. at least someone review the forum. /shy
  16. Hi. i just want to share if we can put a unique aura same as lv 99 aura but diffrent design for lv 255.. to add some extra sparks on the game.
  17. tang ina andaming +10VM.. hunt lg ata pinag gagawa nito si LewdXD
  18. BaTaS

    XIVRO Events Guide

    i think its been updated to 5 = 1 ratio.. can we update the 1st post to avoid confusion? thanks
  19. BaTaS

    Vote for points

    supply i would say we can put on hour active for the supply + pts..
  20. BaTaS


    i would appreciate to have at least 170 ping... currently have 280-300+ average ping.. i agreed to have Big Fly Wings since our main goal is BH... Active point system i already suggest before but idk they dont want.. but its a good thing to make our server populated even with afk. i dont mind as long as not vendors..
  21. BaTaS

    Vote for points

    well to avoid being abused.. Max 1 Vote per Account.. items that can be obtain by vote will be bound that way no one will thinking about selling it..
  22. Can we implement what we have on DRO for HomunAI command?
  23. probably they will on Relic Weapon in the future as END Gears
  24. BaTaS

    GS Mount

    I suggest to have a Diffrent sprite for GS mount.. having a malnourish baby peco isn't a fashion but more on animal abuse XDDDDDDDDD
  25. Not all Class can benifit..Some Weapon only have 2 slot.. so basically not an essential to some class. Probably for LK's it would be a big Help to have SinxC.
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