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  1. My only real gripe with the server was the (to me) appalling lack of interest on acquiring new players. Iroha has a lot of thoughts about this. But since Yura has already clarified thoroughly that we were meant to be the continuation of DarkRO (and was just waiting on the blessings of Maurice & Matias), then it makes perfect sense now the lack of advertising. I believe in the administration that's why I started playing and supporting this server so the rest of the points of contention I have nothing more to offer. However, the promise of actually advertising the server and vigorously acquiring new players must be upheld. At least this much is owed to everyone who has continued supporting the server. Iroha had good ideas on how to advertise the server and I'm sure others as well. That would be a start.
  2. I don't mind starting over again, in fact it's probably more exciting as I'll have something to do again. With whatever the management decides to do moving forward, just try to be as transparent as possible with the community and we should be fine.
  3. Well I can live with not having any of those cards. Guess I won't have to force myself to hunt for them
  4. Can someone share the LHZ 4 card effects? They may not be the same here, but how do you remember them to be?
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  6. Great write up! I have never tried any of these instances before so the concept behind them is interesting to me. The Overworld MVP hunts were very fun and exciting in the beginning when the server freshly opened but now it's become very mechanical and people have figured out the best ways to defeat MVPS. Instances that require 1-4 people at most would definitely be exciting to play. However, one thing I'm not so sure about are the rewards. I think that new weapons and gears need to be carefully considered before being added to the server - but I am not knowledgeable enough about those so I will refrain from commenting further. We got a PVP post and a PVE post on the same day. It's always interesting to see other people's ideas.
  7. Everyday we go farther away from the light of Jesus
  8. You... you wanna hold hands or... something???
  9. When the requirement for crafting items becomes conqueror's boxes what happens to the existing various different castle drops? Also, will castles start dropping conqueror's box instead of the respective regular drops from each castles? Perhaps the npc could also convert the various different castle drops into conqueror's boxes?
  10. Your Character Name: N/A Type: Falcon Disappearing Screenshots: N/A Explanation: If a sniper is wearing a costume crystal (at least the regular costume crystal), relogging removes the falcon from the character. Note that the falcon sprite is different when wearing the costume crystal.
  11. I grew up on KI !! Maybe I'll start stealing character names there before you use them all up haha. Ima take Hisako, Mira and Sadira
  12. All those donations but I can't even get myself a good desk T__T
  13. Weebs unite ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I went with Aura Blade because I was too lazy trying to come up with a good name... so I just started doing skill names for each classes. On a side note there is an LK called "Satellizer" and that name actually has a very nice ring to it.
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