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  1. dark-ro force was taken down entirely quite some time ago due to an extended period of inactivity from the admin leading to a nonexistent playerbase
  2. Dazzu and Yura have stated that Jedi and Sith will be added while Taekwon classes will stay in the game.
  3. Again, nostalgia and tradition don't mean good. It's a terrible design choice, look at Rebirth already needing "black credits" to make trades in the trillions. Impenetrable market for new players due to absurd inflation. This server is about taking DarkRO concepts and turning them into good design. Gold room isn't good design. It's just fuel for bots. Like when you got muted multiple times for afk macro farming it. How can you say it's good when you feel the need to cheat to abuse it?
  4. It might sound selfish, but I disagree. They're likely to say yes just so we won't have a head start on them, we already know they dgaf about having a healthy economy (i mean, they play rebirth) so that won't actually motivate their decision, and they have no reason to care about the time we've spent and the items we have. Why would they ever say no?
  5. To clarify, the quote says "If we attempt to balance the economy." It leaves wipe on the table should that attempt be unsuccessful. I don't think discussing pros/cons of wiping means that everyone involved thinks "OH NO A WIPE IS HAPPENING!" In my opinion, it's perfectly reasonable to discuss the impact of a wipe even if it is the last resort. Basically arguing whether it should even be considered as a last resort, even if there are other options to exhaust before we get to it. Most seem to agree on the economy changes and such, so I think it's just a given that the prime discussion topic will be the possibility of a wipe since it's the only real point of contention.
  6. i volunteer Chady as tribute
  7. there are a few reasons to want to see gears, like knowing when to wear wind ele etc, but it's really hard to see what's happening in the game and the sprites are just really ugly so I'm a big fan of having a bunch of costumes This really isn't a viable option with something as impactful as EDP. It's in our best interest to make it possible for newer players to have an impact in pvp, having them do literally half the damage of other players bc they don't own sinxc is just bad game design. I think it's fine to put MOT on a card tho tbh It might be nostalgic, but that doesn't make it good. It's the reason the cost of items went to the trillions and completely walled out new players. Having no gold room is pretty necessary to have a healthy economy. We have a weak gold room here and we already have way too much zeny with nothing to spend it on lol I think they already did a really good job of doing this here - many players had +9/10 VMs in the first week of the server being open. It's SUPER easy to get gear here. I actually want it to be harder to get +9/+10 so we have reason to grind for gears lol. This also goes back to the gold room thing - if gear is easy to get and so is zeny, we end up with worthless gear and billions of zeny to spend on nothing
  8. I talked to Jireh and we agreed that while there's no guarantee our population will increase substantially just by having the website, unless there's also an ad campaign plan in the works (which might have limited effects, we'd still have to offer enough incentive for Rebirth players to start over), it's almost guaranteed that we'd lose players by starting over completely. It could also create a harmful image through word-of-mouth, the disgruntled players (which, so far, looks like everyone who still plays) might tell their friends about the negative experience they had, which would further reduce pop increase. tl;dr: the more I think about it, the more strongly I am against a db wipe. Just feels like it's destined to do more harm than good.
  9. Hypothetically, would this include deleting some items that will become harder to obtain, like Thana card?
  10. Yeah, what will blewolf do now that the forum is down?! Poor guy..
  11. I do agree that running both servers in parallel is a bad idea. Delaying interest in DRO til it's "ready" while also demotivating people from playing here is lose-lose. XIV was meant to be the legitimate successor to DRO, Tsuki has a point here. Down the line, the economic issues with the beginning of the server will probably mean less than the interest we might lose by starting fresh. It might be worth to maintain the playerbase we already have in exchange for trying to recover from where we are rather than starting fresh. Ultimately, there are only a few players who put a TON of time into XIV. Once the playerbase grows (which it inevitably will EXPONENTIALLY with the DRO name) that wealth probably won't mean too much. It might do less harm than alienating the few players who have stuck around since day 1 of XIV. Dazzu said something about an incentive for players to move from XIV to DRO, but there's no effective way to verify that people played here or how much - someone could just make an account here to get the same amount of free stuff as someone who put in hundreds of hours. Is there a plan for scaling rewards?
  12. Considering the necessity of gr/devi, little worried about the impact of this on asura meta at first, but pretty reasonable. TOLD YOU ALL IT WAS A BAD IDEA TO ADD IT but good shit, glad we're getting rid of it Big fan of pretty much everything in the proposed change list. Time to reach endgame, weapon diversity, removing gold room are all huge. Not looking forward to losing my peony hat, but looking forward to a healthier game environment with more incentive to play. Losing progress will hurt (especially for those who have been playing consistently since release) but I think XIV was a really good learning experience for everyone involved and we'll only have a healthier game as a result of starting fresh.
  13. Hildeblue


    SPRT has been a hangout spot since the early days of DRO. I don't remember people saying @pk off should be disabled there. I'm with Tsuki and Obi on this one.
  14. Are people actually saying this? That's ridiculous. Y'all started this server so you could play RO the way you want to play it, not just to watch other people have fun. If you weren't allowed to play, you'd be less interested in making quality changes and adding new content.
  15. I don't think they're necessary as long as other content updates are made. Look at how cool the Star Glad update sounds. Anyway, servers like Nova and Talon reached thousands of players without ever having custom classes. Nova has the most active BG out of any server, including officials, so they're not missing PVP either. I think our devs are doing the right thing by not getting tunnel-visioned on Jedi and Sith. In the meantime, they've done a lot of cool shit with the server because they haven't devoted themselves to remaking them. Flashy custom classes bring new people to the server, but they don't motivate you to spend time playing. Quality content does that. XIV is innovating in different ways. Using the stale star wars classes that someone designed in 2005 isn't "innovating," it's just pandering to nostalgic players, and it won't last like real content updates. Having only custom classes and no real content to do == people only log on for woe because they have nothing else left to grind for.
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