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  1. Just wanted to cite about this thing on BG REWARDS, I just noticed that even if you join late on a certain playing BG you still get the same points either winning or losing. Just for the sake to avoid abusers or like hitchikers would it be possible to like proportion their gain of those late comers, tho this would really be a pain in the head I guess upon breaking it down one by one now especially there are a number of BG stage with their respective mechanics that alters the time. But just for the thought of the rewards. TIA and More power XIVRO!
  2. Would it be possible to reduce gemstone weight(make it like arrow weight perhaps)?? If it does not really do imbalance on server with regards to PvE/PvP. I would like to have this request on behalf of Mage Artistry Guild
  3. Would like to suggest if possible, the "@seeitems" command would also get an @refresh simultaneously just to deduct the typing or executing the command @refresh whenever a player decides not to see loots in a current situation.
  4. Btw, is wizard class included back again on crothen card effect?
  5. The mammoth card effect Yeah booooiieeeee
  6. remembered the clown and prof that really has sick effect/bonuses
  7. With a growing frustration of the 6% drop rate on biolab by hunting and hunting everyday investing hours for the boss, then there's this group that hunts suddenly and hit the 6% lucky drop speculations will surely arise due to the fact that the group also has a GM/staff onboard on the party. I guess mostly on all MMORPGs this encounter is quite common whether in PVP or PVE where GMs are playing. Through my experience also I bet we all are in here who are particular in the world of MMORPG where in this is really common I must say. Also, I myself had peculations way back then regarding on this particularly regarding on the PvE side(Hunting) but at some time it just passed and came into a point, we'll maybe they're really lucky on getting those drops. With this thread of @Dazzu I apologize myself on accusing since now it is already stated clearly that there really is no power aside from Dazzu himself to generate/alter some game mechanics. P.S We'll be helping also in improving the game specifically for PVP/PVE we'll do our best in contributing to it. It would really be the best regarding transparency for update sharing it to the community so we could also help pouring ingredients into the mixing bowl for particular subjects related to the server. More involvement into the game also would be much appreciate in order to relate to one another in each problem/content for planning. More power to @Dazzu, @Prank kuuun and XIVRO team.
  8. Rainy afternoon

  9. By means of this, will there be future hosted / new automated event that gives reward such as the silver/gold coins? or bulk bronze/silver/gold quantities.
  10. Would be possible also if there comes a time where there will be a WoE/PvP weapon better than Icarus showing it with an awesome sprite as per respective job/class weapon.
  11. @Tsuki on point to this regarding on your type of reward tho as it will really be abused by just doing multi logins and spam toons just to gain points. As for ppl will really tend to find ways on obtaining valuables the easier way.
  12. Flesh is Weak. 🍴🍖

    1. Chady


      your knees are weak 🤣

  13. Tried updating kRO and it was fixed. @Dazzu would like to close this topic, big thanks for your help guys
  14. Just this sudden error, whenever I get to Prontera mid/@go 0 my Client crashes. Using already updated XIVRO client. TIA for the help.
  15. Very helpful! @TomHD, hopefully when more ppl will play in the server. Letting them visit the forum would be nice for them to run through such as these kind of guides and stuffs.
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