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  1. What about we start this kind of event? I got this idea from some servers so why not we do it too. The mechanics are somewhat like this: Like XIVRO facebook page Participants should share [the post of the event] in their wall and must be set to public Participants must comment [on that event post] with their IGN together with tagged 5 RO friends in the reply section Winners will be picked randomly with a "grand prize" reward together with 1st & 2nd place ones and of course a consolation prize. My reward suggestions would be the following (just to remind, / = or): Grand Prize: An event exclusive costume / +10 icarus weapon of choice / good amount of XIV pts or Event pts 1st Place: A +6 Valkyrie Piece / XIV pts / Event pts 2nd Place: XIV pts / Event pts Consolation Prize: XIV pts / Event pts / Or maybe better, 1x of that costume box that we get from gpack This is all just based from my own judgement and specially for me, the consolation prize has a big role to make people participate as most would even probably not hope of winning any place, so just to at least make their effort worth in joining the event. All rewards & mechanics will still be of course, up to the admins (just in-case they do this). Only point on proposing this event is to get more exposure as i always say, as well as so there could be an outside activity event of the server. I mean nobody even does events now lmao.
  2. Iroha

    Future of XIVRO

    @Prank And again with utmost respect, is everything you've said will REALLY be true? Honestly, you keep promising a lot of stuff and ends up getting ignored after a few days or gets implemented so late from when you promised to implement it. It's always "soon, soon, in the future" meh. - Short staffed you said, you tried to recruit me as probably a sub dev (and probably some others too) so where's the reply now? Is it "too late" to ask if im accepted? (LOL). I've been waiting already a month for it. And did you guys even accepted anyone on the 'Event GM recruitment page'? Good if yes. - Before, you keep saying we're gonna advertise tomorrow etc etc whenever and the result, this? Ayt clear. Sure you can continue addressing cool & fancy things about your "future creative ideas" (that ironically gave us false hope) but then remember the server still stays dead. So whatever, im out of this. I'll just observe from now on and won't reply further for the sake of not recycling what's already been addressed. P.S I wholeheartedly apologize if i sounded really rude but all message above was written with deep frustration. But yeah, just gonna hope for the best . Good Luck
  3. Iroha

    Future of XIVRO

    With utmost respect, yeah there's rebirth with their same-old trash content and yet they look even more successful than XIV with tons of creative content. Ok. (not that im actually vouching for rebirth). The point really is, you guys can keep adding content, but don't forget about the server's exposure to let people know your server exists. Because right now it's like opening up a huge mall w/ tons of creative merchandise but it's located on some shady forest with only like 15 - 20 people know where it is. Like i said before, the server seriously lacks exposure. Yes we did some advertising on RO groups but then we still ended up having low population which means it's not enough. I proposed the FB sponsored ads to try only for like $30 - $50 for a week but i don't even know if that was done. But then i hope it will be tried at the very least.
  4. Iroha

    Future of XIVRO

    Here's my opinion and like some of here said, I do not have anything against the management. As i keep saying this before, we just lack exposure. For me making things easy / balancing stuff wont be a problem while having good amount of players. Think about it, what if we started at 100+ actives already and it keeps counting? It'll probably be and endless cycle of pvp & woe. Another thing is you guys keep balancing / changing stuff and all which is good but then it's still the same people who're taking benefit from it or in other words, there's no changes in the population, it's still us. I just really hoped there was an effort for advertising using proper ways of advertising w/ the donations you guys have earned (like i proposed back then, FB advertising for just a week to try). Now, on the wipe thing and if it really happens, i guess it's good for a fresh start but then it'll pain me that all the time & effort we've spent in XIV won't return, all the ET & Boss hunts we did and all that. I just hope we just go and find a better solution than wiping.
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  6. Whichever angle i see, this is seriously time consuming only to get 20 XIV pts. Can this hunting quest have no CD instead and be much easier? Like stay at 3 different mobs but should only kill like 10 - 15 each. IMO by making this easier & no CD, this can be a good alternative for solo XIV pt hunting and i don't think it would be a problem w/ MVP hunting since you have a chance to get cbox and light of ica if you MVP hunt while doing this hunting quest only gives you XIV pts.
  7. Iroha


    I agree to this, or players from XIV should put reviews as well to give a feedback/impression about the server as well as to get XIVRO on the front page of RMS for a while so people can see it easily and read reviews and decide for themselves whether to play or not
  8. Iroha


    Anyone plays this game til now?
  9. Iroha

    Vote for points

    I agree to this if there shall be a v4p system. EDIT: A good example can be v4p-exclusive costumes / equipments that are account-bounded.
  10. Is it possible to have more character slots? This is also somewhat in lieu of having the single-client enforced on the future update since another legitimate reason to have another account is to have more characters to create, specially that you can't make every job with just 12 slots.
  11. Iroha


    The main idea is to expose the server tho. EDIT: That's why i'd say we can try, any form of advertising works really. I've been sharing XIVRO's intro post in their facebook page on over 5 - 10 RO groups with 1k - 5k members a day, but look at us now, nothing happens either.
  12. Iroha


    Now let's talk about Ads. I hope we can focus next on advertising the server because in my honest opinion, we can keep putting good & fancy updates in the server but if the population's still the same players, then that kinda won't be enjoyable. My idea is to use facebook's sponsored ads to promote XIVRO's FB page. I've tried to set an ad template myself just to use it for an example: P160 is like 3 USD / day, and from here we can test it at least for a week for like 22 USD in total (can still lower the daily budget if needed). As for the target audience, can always edit it (locations, age etc.) Anyway, $22 for a 7-day good & legit advertisement doesn't sound that bad for me, i hope you guys will at least give it a try.
  13. Good stuffs! Can't wait for update day
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  15. SinxC Effect: Auto level 3 SB 10% chance. Increases SB damage by 5+1% * weapon refine rate EDIT: SB = Sonic Blow (might be misinterpreted as Soul Breaker lmao)
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