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  1. +1 = I agree. Only this. Isn't a democracy or something like that. Don't worry bro, i don't understand this worrysome about +1 or -1 o.O
  2. Ok, thanks for u feedback. About PvP points (we can develop another type for points after, XIV point is a example), it is only for a specific arena with penality if player died 10x. Thanks for feedback Prank and youre welcome. I hope the XIVRO grow more and more with feedbacks and ideas from players.
  3. Thanks. Sure, FB is a start but isn't a exclusive platform to start. I didn't say nothing about FB because we started there, so i just suggest more platform to go. Like and share events on facebook can happen in parallel with streamers and instagramers for example.
  4. Hi guys, i'll list some ideas and feedbacks to try improve the server for everyone. Please, put +1 or -1 in each point and a justification, thank u (i dont go to the translator, so if u dont understand anything, tell me please, rofl) 1º Improve the PvP - WoE activies for XIV Points Today, XIVRO is PvE based, right? And this i think isn't a good idea for everyone. BR players for example is insane for PvP - WoE (how u knows). So, my first point in this topic is: 1.1 - PvP area (guild_vs2 for example) with XIV Points per kill. If anyone try make a another char to get free points, we can make a system to penality, like a "after 10 deaths this guy give 0 points to the killer". Dinamic: 1 Kill = 2 XIV points 5 Kill (Killing Spree) = 4 XIV points 10 Kill (Legendary) = 6 XIV points if anyone stop a killing spree = 4 XIV points if anyone stop a Legendary = 6 XIV points 1.2 - We can insert this dinamic on WoE. All guilds will decide to make GvG to get XIV Points and we'll stop the "pre-cast WoE" for 50 minutes. Additional: Please, put WoE 2.0 on saturdays. 1.3 - Another suggetions (secundary) is make a XIV WAR Points to get War Pieces and Remnant of War, but, i think this is more hard to develop. However...its a very good choice to get more players (AND MORE GUILDS) on WoE. 2º PvP - Woe Rank I miss this on XIVRO. A PvP Rank (KDA) and WoE Rank (Kill and Emp Breaker), its possible to develop? Is 1 motivation more to go to WoE and PvP; Additional: Insert a broadcast with Castle name, Emp breaker and Guild. 3º Vote Point and Activity Point system with Costume Ticket / XIV Box rewards We need to move the market, vote point and activity point will help the server to get more players too. Need a exclusive rewards for this also, i can suggest equipaments for this after. 4º Clan Hunt Missions improvement My suggestion here is reduce the delay to half. I believe this is fair to balance dual party and solo players. Novice Clan Hunt Cooldown: reduce to 15 minutes Intermediate Clan Hunt Cooldown: reduce to 30 minutes Expert Clan Hunt Cooldown: 24 hours (this is indifferent to solo player) 5º Reward Box Make a reward box to Bug reporters, Streamers and Instagramers to divulge the server. IT'S MUCH IMPORTANT TO INCREASE ATT ON EVERY GAME. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I need back to work now, i'll try make anothers suggestions another day. Please, vote with +1 and -1 in ea topic with justification.
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