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  1. Theta

    Future of XIVRO

    Looks like I forgot to turn off notifications to this thread (been receiving emails). Might as well share my thoughts. The lengthy post can be summed up with one simple question, "Will they accept the *changes?" "they" isn't limited to us but to past DarkRO players as well. It seems simple but the fact that it's in *plural form is what made it difficult. There's really a lot to take on, and I can't really answer them myself. I know DarkRO died since 2016 (last update iirc) but I think they should also have a say on this. I don't know how but we all know where some of them are currently *cough* rebirth *cough*. Having heard from both servers could help on what will be your decision. And to be honest, I think it's fair that this should also be posted on DarkRO Forums, even though it's currently down. But really, someone should spread this to them and ask to share their thoughts as well. I know some of you guys are on their new discord server, it doesn't hurt to ask is it?
  2. Theta

    Future of XIVRO

    @Chady LANG MALAKAS!
  3. I haven't tried using champ yet but I think it's good as it is rn, applying these would just be a hindrance to them based on their reactions. Rather than messing with champs, why not try buffing other classes for PvE instead? Pally, LK, Gunslinger or Ninja! (imagine ninja being a tank lol). As for multi client issue, people will always find ways to beat the system. Surely there must be a way to avoid that (*cough* gameplay mechanics), one example would be having a DoT (-hp%) for every party member except the tank when engaged with a boss. That way they have to use pots now to stay alive (rip zerk users). And to match with that would be death penalties so people won't just stay dead for the entire time. There's lots of ways to change the system that requires participation or team work. Having these would defeat the idea of multi clienting cause it'd be impossible to do with one person.
  4. Theta

    Proxy suggestion

    The SEA proxy didn't help much actually. Server has less lag on NA.
  5. Fortress Set is here bois. I believe the cards had the same effect change in dro, so no surprise there. Overall, good update.
  6. You might've right clicked the quest name, it will be moved to the Pending Tab.
  7. Copied from DarkRO patch notes. I believe Dazzu wrote this:
  8. Present date: 125 Player Peak With this number of players right now and adding an end game item to a shop that can be EASILY farmed, is the same as giving it away for free with the cost of weeks worth of just hard work (yes sir, no luck involved there). Do you guys just want this server to turn into FarmRO? cause that's where its leading, people will just farm all day for this fella. Who the hell would want to engage in lhz bosses if you can just buy it from a shop? We should focus on what really matters right now, which is the lack of HATS population right now. Sure new content sounds fun, but do you know what's more fun? More HATS players to enjoy the new content with! So if I were with you lets just help the server grow by spreading the love out there! Do share our Facebook Page and write an honest review in Ratemyserver while you're at it!
  9. Thy shall not speak thy name. Hahaha sorry not sorry. I'm in game rn waddup?
  10. Not being distrustful or something but just for transparency. What commands and functions do the staffs have/doesn't have access to? Sorry but this is something I wanted to know for a while.
  11. Theta

    Event Coins

    Or... XIV Event Points? Yeah there's no need to convert stuff unless you want to add more currency to the game
  12. 1 - Improve the PvP - WoE activies for XIV Points There's shitload of ways to get XIV points now, and they're EASY. What's hard to get are Remnants but for me it's fine for the population right now. I don't wanna see an influx of remnant sets at this time. 2 - PvP - Woe Rank Sure leaderboards? Not my thing though. Also it'd be nice to have an emp test in @go train 3 - Vote Point and Activity Point system with Costume Ticket / XIV Box rewards Already said above, easily abused. Just change your ip and viola free points. 4 - Clan Hunt Missions Improvement Eh they're fine already if you do the math: Lets say you can finish each/all quests for 30mins (w/wo breaks) Novice Hunt - 24 x 20 = 480 XIV Points Intermediate - 12 x 50 = 600 XIV Points Expert - 1 x 100 = 100 XIV Points Total - 1280 XIV Points PER DAY 5 - Reward Box You get the sense of pride and accomplishment
  13. Theta

    XIVRO Events Guide

    Do mind to announce in advance on Discord when there's gonna be a hosted event. Thank you
  14. Ohh gamble! Might as well add Blackjack NPC and Rock Paper Scissors NPC with XIV points for betting too.
  15. Theta

    Vote for points

    Vote for points can be easily abused. Plus it's the same idea of vote buying. I'd rather have legit votes from legit players rather than fake ones.
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