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    Im all for the vote4points system. You guys have the content, it just needs be catered to people. Ragnarok is an outdated game and doesn't populate by itself so any means of advertisement should be exhausted imo. RMS is the place to be at when it comes to searching for servers/RO content so I think this should be the main target for advertising. As for incentives, I would say setup an exclusive shop for hat costumes so that it would entice players to vote. It could also help circulate the market because people who donate for hats would not trade their donates for vitems/cboxes but MAYBE a costume hat for a costume hat might just work. Now I don't know much about scripting but there needs to be a way to limit the voting system per IP address to avoid exploit. The only fallback I see here is if XIVRO was to be installed at internet cafes, honest solo account players would not be able to utilize the voting feature due to the IP block. Just my 2 cents.
  2. I'm hyped about that NA west proxy server
  3. The problem with changing steel body is there won't be a reliable tank for MVP hunting. It's monotonous versus convenience. People are not gonna want to do MVP hunts if they would need 5 different classes just to do MVP as the community isn't that big yet. Dual clienting and soloing MVPs is there BUT people refrain from that because it takes WAY too long to kill 1 MVP hence the change in cbox drops.
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