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  1. Name:MJ In-Game Character Name: Lewd Discord Tag: mj#2401 Location & Timezone: +8GMT / Philippines Time playing Ragnarok: I've played ragnarok for a few years Experience with Events: I have tried hosting a few Hide and seek events What is your hobby? I have a few,but my main favorite is playing Online games like ragnarok,cs:go and games that I can get to play and have fun with friends. Have you ever been in a RO staff position? No.I tried applying before in dark-ro but I failed to comply Why should we pick you to join Eden Academy? I would love to help make the server a lot more livelier by doing a lot of friendly,fun, and energetic events. What do you think about solar energy? In-terms of our current situation regarding the global climate change,I think that solar energy is one of the best current alternative that we must embrace in-order for us to slowly recover our Earth's health,a little bit expensive at first but is a lot more beneficial in the long run.
  2. Sniper! Press Berserk and hope you get MVP!
  3. omg daming VM HAHAHAH huminto ako after 40 xD walang swerte ayawan na
  4. Ipost nyo dito mga first moments nyo ng mag bukas ang XIVRO ! :D Sisimulan ko na First time mag hunt ng mvps :)
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