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  1. Están llorando porque no los dejan usar macro? XD? WTF, yo los mato a todos sin usar macros jajaj que mierda!! Nubs!!
  2. bl4z#0045


    Well, this kid is crying and he insulted me first (Called me "Dummy" for nothing and before that other insults, for that he dont show all the chat, i only killed him many times and he got mad). I dont know if this kids are retards or what, they always insult me then cry like a littles babies, i dont waste my time reporting people for "insults" in a game. If you insult people dont cry. And for finally, call to a person "monkey" is not a racist insult wtf, i'm only trolling him xd. PD: My "insult" It is a speciesist insult, which makes no sense, if you dont know what speciesism is, look for it. It's funny for me.
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