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  1. Hi Dazzu Sir,

    I know this is off topic. but can you still login to the old dark ro server? if not do you know the reason why it is crashing?

  2. hi bro can you message me, ugh.... i cannot login to the old dark ro there are some errors showing up 😞 i really need to play

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    2. Chady


      Not sure if I can help you kasi wala na yata hot fixes doon when you patch..
      But, if may kilala ka na malapit na working ang client nila maybe they can help..maytitignan ka ba or kukunin on your account?

    3. dookie1642


      oo, actually naglalaro pa ako nung june 15, pagbalik ko ng hapon ndi na maka login.. tried it on 3 different laptops na may dark ro installed previously


    4. dookie1642
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