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06-04-2020 Patch Notes FINAL

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Greetings, this update was supposed to server as a hotfix on Friday. However, there were some delays that did not make it possible. This update will serve as part 1 of 2 for this upcoming Monday's maintenance.


Client Fixes

  • Corrected Atroce Card description.


Item Adjustments

  • Reduced Andre Egg card HP bonus to 25,000 from 40,000. (Due to being affected by %HP cards such as Tao Gunka)
  • Reduced Banshee Card's Napalm Vulcan bonus to 10%.
  • Reduced Death Word Card's Napalm Vulcan bonus to 10%.


Skill Adjustments

  • Fixed an issue where Maximum Overthrust effect does not affect Rapid Shower and Asura Strike.
  • Fixed an issue where upon switching equipments, some status effects are cancelled (eg. Parrying, Spear Quicken).
  • Napalm Vulcan damage has been significantly reduced.
  • Amplify Magic Power now has a 10-second usage instead of 10 casts.
  • Maximum Overthrust effect will not be cancelled when switching maps.
  • Spiral Pierce damage has been reduced.
  • Berserk skill has been disabled in Reawakened Nightmare instance.


Battleground Adjustments

  • Battleground player requirements have been reduce to 3v3 from 5v5 (However, Triple inferno retains 3v3v3 requirements).
  • Triple Inferno point objective has been reduced to 50 (from 80)


Mob Adjustments

  • Brasilis monsters have been implemented except for Boitata.
  • MvP spawn times have been reverted to their original time except for Ifrit, Valkyrie Randgris, and Detale.


NPC Adjustments

  • Bio Lab 3 (lhz_dun03) has been reverted back to forced PK map.
  • Endless Tower rewards have been increased:
    • MVPs will now grant 30 XIV Points.
    • Upon completion, the party will now be awarded 3 Conqueror Boxes.
  • Conqueror Box drop rate from overworld MVPs has been increased to 15% (from 10%).
  • Wuerzburg pre-emperium warp portal has been changed such that the top portal will now always warp players to the center platform.
  • Reawakened Nightmare rewards are now gepard and account restricted.
  • Brasilis quests have been implemented (except for Guarana Candy and stat-boost quests).
  • Berserk status will be dispelled upon warping into the Reawakened nightmare instance.
  • Credit system has been implemented!
    • NPC is located at prontera 161 286
    • Only 1,000,000 zeny credit denominations have been implemented for now.
    • Players are able to purchase credit with a 5% conversion fee.
    • No conversion fee is applied to Credit->Zeny conversion.
  • Remnant of Steadfast requirements have been reduced to 2,000 Steadfast Badges (from 2500).
  • WoE Rewards have been changed!
    • Remnant of War has been removed
    • Added 250 Steadfast Badges
    • Added 3 Conqueror Boxes
    • Added 3 Light of Icarus
  • Freebies NPC has been added! Current freebies are:
    • NPC is located at moc_para01 14 25
    • 1 Costume Poring King Hat [Upper] (Account Bound)
    • 1 Costume Poring Backpack [Garment] (Account Bound)
    • Note: More freebies may be added in the future


Guild Package System

  • Guilds can now register with a high-ranking staff member and receive a guild package for both the guild master and their members.
  • Guilds may redeem their guild pack in moc_para01 18 31
  • Guilds may only be eligible to register once.
  • Each guild members will be individually vetted by staffs to ensure the requirements are met.
  • Guild Requirements:
    • Must be a full 15-man guild.
    • All members must have at least 1 Level 255 character.
    • Members must NOT have already received a guild package.
    • Each member must be unique. ie. No multi-logging.
  • Guild Package contents are all account bound and untradable, except for cards.
  • Guild Package contents:
    • 1 Valkyrie Helm
    • 2 Valkyrie Armor
    • 2 Valkyrie Shield
    • 2 Valkyrie Manteau
    • 1 Sleipnir
    • 1 Valkyrie Shoes
    • 1 Warmonger Armor
    • 1 Warmonger Manteau
    • 1 Warmonger Boots
    • 1 Dragon Wings
    • 1 Cyclops Eye
    • 1 Weapon Ticket (can be exchanged for 1 Icarus Weapon)
    • 1 Mysterious XIVRO Costume Box (randomly get 1 costume hat from XIVRO Costume Boxes 1~5)
    • 2 Abysmal Knight Cards
    • 2 Turtle General Cards
    • 2 Hydra Cards
    • 1 Golden Thiefbug Card
    • 1 Doppelganger Card
    • 1 Thanatos Card
    • 1 Tao Gunka Card
    • 1 Green Ferus Card
    • 1 Ghostring Card
    • 1 Deviling Card


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Fixed an issue where Maximum Overthrust effect does not affect Rapid Shower and Asura Strike.

this still not fix..

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@BaTaS#0565 It was fixed but it affected every other skill and it made WS do 100k Cart Termination so we reverted it. It will take a little bit longer to adjust it properly.

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i was trying to do the brasilis item quest but i cant warp on brasilis dungeon 2 using the NPC warper.. it says pre renewal.. am i missing something or what?


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Guest Fluran

Hi colleagues, how is the whole thing, and what you desire to say on the topic of this article, in my view its truly remarkable in support of me.

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