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Guides, website, votes and solo or party equals player retention


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I've joined the server because someone asked me to. He hooked me up with gear and such, but what if he wasn't there? What if the new player would be a complete newb who'd joined the server? Where should the new player look at for a guide of progression?


Now, first thing you would say is: "Frans look at this guide and you should be fine". Sure, but what if you don't know on how to gear your current class? That's what's missing, what should the player aim for when they are 255/100? What to grind for as in gear.

1. Basic guides for each class, don't need to be your super duper secret max dps elitist Sniper build that you're using, but one that could be used for a new player.


However,, this server has more party content than it has for solo players. There's a few quests for costumes to gather stuff, but that's it. I want to get these LHZ cards, but how do I get points? Do I have to party up? "But Frans, there's @hunt and you can do this questing for points as well." - you, probably. Yeah? I didn't know about this until someone mentioned it to me ingame.

2. A guide on how to get points. (Also a bit more in depth on how many points u get maybe, to compare it with solo vs party).


What are all these instances? Really, what are they? What do I get from them? How long do I have to wait so I can do them again? Can I help other people doing them by rejoining the instance but getting no rewards?

3. Instance guides.


Now this is just my personal opinion and not everyone will think the same, but I believe this is one of the problem why the player retention is low. People log in, see what's up, don't know what to do and just log off to never come back.


Also the website is outdated, big wall of text's no one likes to read. And no links to Discord/Forum. The shop on the website doesn't work (I like to see if the server isn't pay to win so I check out shops first). WoE times are also outdated (this is not an EU server, you will be missing EU players (suggestion: replace the WoE with something else, another invasion perhaps? Double points for a time?)).

Voting, server visibility

Every other server has a vote for points thing, are you going to sit in the past where you'll not do such a thing and keep the low playerbase, or will you adjust to the current year of 2020? You might get removed from rms, but who cares? If you are a new player and looking for a server, what do you search for? "RO top 100", "RO servers". There's always a top ### website as top search, not rms.

Costumes are nice, you know the quests you already have in the mall.

  • Remove the reward.
  • Add points as reward.
  • Buy a costume from NPC with these points instead.

(could be vote points instead of xiv points)

Solo and party

I do know there might be things worked on solo player things, but how balanced are they compared with the party play-style? A quest that will take over half an hour for just 10 points and has a long cooldown isn't going to work for me and hopefully I'm not the only one.

I would like to see some clairty and work in progress towards this, is it worth for me to stick around?


This, I think, would help player retention. And the people who've played this game for more than a decade are the solution.

Thanks and maybe sorry,




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And there you have it folks a pov from a new player..
Id happily make guides and add up to the existing ones..
What would a newbie rather do when they reach Max Level? Of course they would want to gear up. But how?
Things like that? Actually someone already made a Sniper Guide from scratch to high tier but the recent updates messed it up so it had to be reset..
Dont worry, I can continue that work if the cards are settled..I mean from NPC Items to the higher ones..
But we have this: Beginner's Guide
How can we improve this? 

Also, for the instances yes maybe we can give a general guide for the type of instance but not really how to beat it on someway thatd be removing the fun of actually discovering how to beat it..So maybe a General Information of each Instances..

Im pretty sure theres a plan for the Website and more thinking of the Voting System..
Anyway, thanks..please, tell us more of what you think in case more stuff come into your mind..


[ Kafra Corporation ]

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So there's missing guides as I've pointed out in the first post, but the server is also continuesly being updated with patches and new stuff.

The biggest problem is going to keep the guides up to date within a patch. So the person who've made the post <should> keep them updated.

Also, I could see that making these kind of guides could be part of some event or something. This is to give the people who can but don't want to more of a incentive to do it.



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