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07-21-2020 Patch Notes + Other Information

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This update round is fairly small - only addressing skill balancing and adding items to the PvP shop. 


  • Reduced Menblatt Card's ratio to DEX/20 from DEX/10.
  • Menblatt Card's effect now only works when a bow is equipped.
  • Archer Skeleton Card's effect is now disabled if 2 or more of the same cards are equipped.
  • Reduced individual stats bonus on warmonger set to 2 (from 4).
  • Reduced Warmonger Set status effect to 4 (from 8 ) and %damage bonus to 5% (from 7%).



  • Reverted Defender's ranged defense to vanilla values.
  • Reduced Asura Strike damage.


  • Added items to the PvP shop:
    • Box of Thunder 10 Box
    • Yggdrasilberry 10 Box
    • Poison Bottle 10 Box
    • Elemental Converter 10 Box
    • FCP Scroll


  • Sunday woe has been disabled.


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