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List of Abuses & Punishments

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General Behavior

Abuse: Verbal Abuse
Description: The act of harassing another player. Using words to forcefully criticize, insult, or denounce another person. This includes but is not limited to racist, sexual or any hostile remarks towards another player. 
Example: You kill someone and message a hostile remark towards them.
Punishment: Up to 6 Hours Mute+Jail. 

Abuse: Harassment
Description: The act of continuously/repeatedly harassing another player. This includes racial slurs/being a racist, any negative remarks regarding religious remarks, sexual orientation, sexual references or any other comments that may negatively imply anything about the player's personal choices.
Example: Personally messaging and/or using the chatbox to flame/harass/insult or otherwise take a negative tone to a persons life outside of XIVRO. 
Punishment: Up to 6 hours Mute+Jail. Punishment will be determined depending on the severity of the act. 

Abuse: Impersonating Players
Description: You copy somebody's name, guild or guild emblem with intentions of deception.
Example: Using somebody's name to borrow somebody's items and then scamming them.
Punishment: Permanent account ban.

Abuse: Impersonating Player's Guilds
Description: Using another guilds name and/or emblem without affiliation to the copied guild.
Example: See above.
Punishment: The guild master will be jailed until he/she either removes the emblem or disbands the guild. 1~3 day account ban if the guild master re-creates the impersonated guild.

Abuse: Impersonating Staff
Description: You copy a staff's name to scam people with any method (fake webs or anything).
Example: Making a character named "Dazzzu" and telling people they have to give you their items. or any variety of things along the same lines.
Punishment: Permanent ban/Account deletion & Follow Up Ban on the account.

Abuse: Impersonating Staff Guilds
Description: The use of any Staff guild name or the likeness of or the use of staff emblems. With intentions of deception.
Example: Making a guild named "XIVROO Team".
Punishment: Permanently banned/account deletion & Follow Up Ban. (If it happens by accident, then follow "Impersonating Player's Guilds" punishment).

Abuse: Begging
Description: You start begging for items/zeny/stuff from other players.
Example: Asking things like "can you give me zeny please?" in Prontera. 
Punishment: Verbal warning, if ignored 30 minute jail.

**NOTE: Must warn user about this rule prior to filing a report.

Abuse: Spamming
Description: Repeating the same phrase or skill over and over.
Example: Repeating phrases/useless words causing chat window to flood. Casting WS buffs for no reason constantly causing sound flood/effect flood.
Punishment: Warning, If online: 10 minute mute, If offline: 1-3 hours jail depending on the severity of your act.

**NOTE: Must warn user about this rule prior to filing a report.

Abuse: Abusing the @request command.
Description: You use the @request command without needing any help.
Example: You type "@request dasdasd".
Punishment: Shove + Warning, 10-20 minutes mute, 1-5 hours jail depending on the severity of your act.

PVP/WoE Abuse

Abuse: PVP Obstruction
Description: Using a skill or any other method to relocate yourself in a cell shared by another person while PVPing in attempts to block you from receiving damage.
Example: A champ uses body relocation to relocate himself onto another player and attacks you.
Punishment: 2-5 hours Jail. Depends on the severity of your act.

Abuse: Resurrection Killing 
Description: You kill someone, then resurrect him/her, then you kill him again and resurrect him/her again. That's considered Ress killing.
Example: See the description.
Punishment: You will be jailed for 2 to 4 hours, you will also be talked to and it will be explained why you have been jailed.

General Abuse

Abuse: Server Advertising
Description: Advertising players to join another Ragnarok server. Telling them to leave XIVRO and join another RO server.
Example: You go around Prontera telling people to join PrankRO.
Punishment: Permanent ban/Account deletion.

Abuse: Botting
Description: Using any botting program for anything; every kind of botting is punished.
Example: You use X botting program to farm X items in X place(s), using a botting program to gain quest items, using a program to farm items while the account owner isnt manually or physcially playing. 
Punishment: Permanent ban/Account deletion & Follow Up Ban.

Abuse: AFK Farming/Semi-Botting/AFK Macro Farming
Description: Killing aggressive monsters while being away from your computer/keyboard, e.g.: Using auto cast skills cards/items, auto-attacking homunculus, damage reflection.
Example: See the description.
Punishment: Permanent Jail and Removal of Farmed Item. 

Abuse: Scamming/Hacking
Description: Scam someone's items/zeny by using any kind of methodweb like advertising a website that requires you to enter your account name and username, in “promise” for free items, impersonation, deceiving the other player, or any of the above named options methods etc./Using any method to illegally obtain a person's account details without their consent.
Example: You give someone 5.000.000z instead of 50.000.000z when you buy someone's XX amount of Treasure Boxes./You set a keylogger in a cafe to get the account information of the persons playing there and steal their items.
Punishment: Permanent ban/Account deletion & Follow Up Ban. 7-day Account Ban (If the scammer willingly returned the items to the affected player, or offers a compensation accepted by the affected player).

Abuse: Editing client/data/folders to gain a big advantage over other players.
Description: You edit certain files/sprites/data to get an advantage over people.
Example: Editing certain files/sprites/data to remove any cast delays or change a sprite of a certain monster to be more visible.
Punishment: 7-Day Ban Account Ban

Abuse: Bug Abuse
Description: Using a bug for your own good.
Example: If a quest is bugged and it requires less than what it should, and you keep making/complete the quest, without reporting the bug, then you are abusing a bug.
Punishment: 2 day account ban ~ Permanent ban. All Bug Abuse cases will be run through the Administration/GM Team prior to the punishment being issued. Severe punishments can only be lifted by the Administration.

Abuse: 3PP/Macro
Description: Using any 3rd party program to gain an unfair advantage. Includes using hardware to gain an unfair advantage.
Example: Using a 3rd Party program to be able to detect hidden/cloaked characters/monsters without the use of the proper card or item to do so. 
Punishment: 1 week ~ 6 months. Punishment severity will be at the GM's discretion. 

Abuse: NPC Obstruction
Description: Putting your chatroom/shop in a 2-tiles range of an NPC.
Example: You put your chatroom 1 tile under the Healer, blocking the NPC.
Punishment: Your character will be warped away from the NPC. 1~3 hours of mute and jail for multiple offenses.

Abuse: Selling items for real money(RMT)/Foreign Item Trading (FID)/Intra-Server Trading (IST)

RMT (Real Money Trade): Selling items on XIVRO for money/items in real life. Rule was formally known as PHP Dealing *** Joking about Real Money Trading (formally known as PHP Dealing) isnt tolerated. It is subjected to a punishment given by a GM.

            FID: Selling items on XIVRO for the equivalent to something similar on another server or game.

            IST: Selling items on XIVRO for something on XIVRO.

Example: You go to Prontera and leave a chatroom saying "B> alam mo 10b laguna area lv name". Broadcasting "S> xivRO account for your prankRO account PM me" or "T> XIVRO account for your fortnite account".
Punishment: Permanent ban/Account deletion & Follow Up Ban.

Abuse: Power Abusing
Description: A Staff member uses his/her powers in a wrong way.
Example: A GM mutes you because of personal matters.
Punishment: Report to either Prank or Dazzu

-Punishment may be increased or lowered based on specific reports and is subject to the opinion on the handler, if you feel your punishment was dealt unjustly PM Prank or Dazzu (not the one who handled the case) or GM and ask to verify the punishment.

-Rules are subject to change without prior notice

--all credit goes to Kilik from DarkRO Forums for wrting the List of Abuses & Punishments

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