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07-31-2020 Patch Notes FINAL


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Refinement System

  • NPC Armor refinement success chances have been reduced to its original values.
  • NPC safety refinement system's upgrade rollback and break chance have now equal probabilities.


  • Increased Yggdrasilberry price to 300,000.
  • Increased Box of Thunder price to 200,000.
  • Increased prices of various items in the supply shop.
  • Removed Equipment seller NPCs (zeny).
  • Reduced sell value of Treasure Box to 30,000.

Quest Shops

  • XIV Point prices has been increased on the following items:
    • Conqueror Box [ 100P -> 500P ]
    • Essence of Element  [ 50P -> 100P ]
    • Fire Dragon Scale  [ 250P  -> 500P ]
    • Dragon Soul  [ 250P -> 500P ]
    • Bloody Edge [ 250P -> 500P ]
  • The following items have been added to the XIV Exchange NPC:
    • Fragment of Rossata Stone [ 500P ]
    • Red Silk Seal [ 500P ]
    • Taeguk Plate [ 500P ]
    • Fang of Hatii [ 500P ]
    • Will of Red Darkness [ 500P ]
    • Pocket Watch [ 500P ]
  • Combat Knife has been removed from the Quest Shop.
  • Adjusted the recipe for the following items:
    • Dragon Wings
      • Increased Dragon Horns to 500
      • Increased Conqueror Box to 3
    • Valkyrie Helm
      • Increased Conqueror Box to 3
    • Traveler's Hat
      • Increased Conqueror Box to 3
    • Cyclop's Eye
      • Increased Conqueror Box to 3
      • Increased Metal Fragments to 500
      • Increased Used Iron Plate to 500
    • Note Headphones
      • Increased Conqueror Box to 3
      • Increased Red Muffler to 500
      • Increased REfined Bradium to 500
    • Nile Rose
      • Increased Conqueror Box to 3
      • Added Fragment of Rossata to 3
    • Valkyrie Manteau
      • Increased Conqueror Box to 3
      • Added Red Silk Seal to 3
    • Valkyrie Shoes
      • Increased Conqueror Box to 3
      • Added Taeguk Plate to 3
    • Valkyrie Armor
      • Increased Conqueror Box to 3
      • Added Fang of Hatii to 3
    • Valkyrie Shield
      • Increased Conqueror Box to 3
      • Added Will of the Red Darkness to 3
    • Sleipnir
      • Increased Conqueror Box to 3
      • Added Pocket Watch to 3


  • Reverted Gold Acidus spawn rate to its original values.
  • Conqueror Box drop rate has been reduced to 10%.


  • Removed Yggdrasilberry and Box of Thunder from WoE Supplier.
  • You can exchange Event Points for coins at the Event Points NPC in the mall:

XIV Points

  • Daily XIV Point gain is now capped at 1,000.
  • Overall XIV Points is now capped at 50,000.
  • Accounts with over the capped amount will not be able to gain any more points until it's spent and the points are below the capped amount.
  • Daily XIV Point cap is applied based on unique id.

*NEW* Event Points

  • Event rewards have been replaced with Event Points.
  • 50 Event Points are awarded for winning events.
  • 20 Event Points are awarded for losing events.

*NEW* Zeny Farming

*NEW* Farming System

  • Added a supply farming system
  • In order to access the farming map, talk to the Yggdrasil Child in Prontera.
    • image.png.b6051579365f2777baf0e32045ebe04b.png
  • In the map, you can walk up to a Yggdrasil Child that will give you a Korok Seed.
    • image.png.f724aa4f7b6fc538aa63f274c5c38be0.png
    • image.png.7343f9b8b72c69051469e4b4ed3d8d06.png
  • Upon receiving a Korok Seed, the Yggdrasil Child will warp away to a random location.
  • You can exchange a Ko Rok Seed for either 10 Yggdrasilberry Box or 10 Box of Thunder Box.

*NEW* Solo MVP Room

  • A new solo MVP room instance is now available at the Monster Scientist NPC in Prontera.  
    • image.png.8ceab6fed7877d460880c10960b0903a.png
  • 5 Poring Credits are required to enter the instance.
  • Upon entering the instance, you will be allowed to stay for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Logging out or dying removes the instance and you will need to pay the require credits to re-enter.
  • Instanced MVPs reward the following, in addition to their usual drops:
    • 5 XIV Points
    • Conqueror Box (5%)
    • Light of Icarus (5%)


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