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[Proposal] Like & Share event on our FB page


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What about we start this kind of event? I got this idea from some servers so why not we do it too.

The mechanics are somewhat like this:

  • Like XIVRO facebook page
  • Participants should share [the post of the event] in their wall and must be set to public
  • Participants must comment [on that event post] with their IGN together with tagged 5 RO friends in the reply section

Winners will be picked randomly with a "grand prize" reward together with 1st & 2nd place ones and of course a consolation prize.

My reward suggestions would be the following (just to remind, / = or):

Grand Prize: An event exclusive costume / +10 icarus weapon of choice / good amount of XIV pts or Event pts

1st Place: A +6 Valkyrie Piece / XIV pts / Event pts

2nd Place: XIV pts / Event pts

Consolation Prize: XIV pts / Event pts / Or maybe better, 1x of that costume box that we get from gpack

This is all just based from my own judgement and specially for me, the consolation prize has a big role to make people participate as most would even probably not hope of winning any place, so just to at least make their effort worth in joining the event. All rewards & mechanics will still be of course, up to the admins (just in-case they do this). Only point on proposing this event is to get more exposure as i always say, as well as so there could be an outside activity event of the server.

I mean nobody even does events now lmao.

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