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Training Grounds Guideline

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Training Grounds Guideline

These sections are not only for spamming and/or bragging. These are intended for those who want to discuss and learn more about a certain class/job that they feel interest in. The following rules are to be enforced on the Training Grounds sections. Members who do not comply, may be punished accordingly.

Creating Rate My Class Threads

Rate my class threads (i.e Rate My Sniper, Rate My Taekwon etc) need to follow a proper format. This rule will be for the uniformity of such threads, easier to read for those who will be rating your builds, as well as preventing these threads to look like spam. If your rate my class thread does not follow proper format shown below, sanctions may be given.


Introduction - Write something about this build. A little background info such as it's effectiveness and the like.
Stats - Show/State your character's stats and the reason for distributing them the way you did.
Equipment - Show/State your character's equipment and the reason for using the said equipment and the cards compounded on them.

-These are only the basic expectations on what needs to be seen in your rate my class thread but it doesn't limit on what else you can add.

Replying to Rate My Class threads

Posting merely ratings, (i.e 1/10, 5/10, 9/10) as replies in Rate My Class threads is strictly prohibited as it does not help the topic starter in any way. On the other hand, constructive criticism is encouraged. Suggestions on what to add/remove to improve the build is welcome. 1 word posts will be considered spam.

Question & Answers Thread

There will be a Q&A thread on each of the sub-sections in the Training Ground section. These threads will be used for asking and answering basic questions regarding each class. Creating topics that asks a question and doesn't constitute a discussion will be disallowed.

-The general forum rules also apply here.

-All Credit goes to @Obi from DarkRO forums for the Guideline.

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