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How to report a bug?


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How to report a bug?

Hello, I am going to explain how to properly report a bug in here, as a proper bug report will help us replicate and figure out whats wrong faster thus allowing us to fix things quickly.

Topic Title: Quick reference to the bug 

Your Character Name: Character you were using when you found the bug (Does not apply for Web stuff Bugs -Forums/Website-)
Type: What isn't working (Skill/NPC/Sprite/Quest/etc)
Screenshots: Post a couple of screenshots that can show us what seems to be wrong (If Any)
Explanation: This is the most important section, as in here you need to explain us exactly what you were doing/what you did in order for us to be able to replicate the bug and be able to fix whatever is not working.
You Should include:
- NPC Coordinates (If Applicable).
- Items you gave to the NPC (If Applicable).
- What did the NPC Do (If Applicable).
- Who did you target -Job/Character Name- (If Applicable).
- Other relevant information.

For Example:
Topic Title: Ph.D Hat Quest Not working.

Your Character Name: Prank
Type: NPC/Quest Bug
Screenshots: -
Explanation: I was trying to do the Ph.D Quest, however when giving the NPC the items it did not give me my Ph.D!
- NPC Coordinates: prt_in 38 110
- Items I Gave: 1 Illusion Flower (710), 1 Hinalle (703), 1 Aloe (704), 1 Ment (708)
- NPC Took items and did not give me anything.

Please, make sure you follow this little explanation as it'll heavily increase the bug fixing time.

Thanks for your support and help!

-all credit goes to Matias from DarkRO forums for the format

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