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We encourage all of our players to report any rule breaking. However, we ask that you try to solve the issues among yourselves first before attempting a report to the GM Team. Rules are subject to change and will be updated accordingly.


  • Players must be able to type and understand basic English. We do not ask for perfection, but a enough to a degree to be able to communicate. GMs will be speaking to you in English, and we expect you to try to translate any GM communication to your understanding.

These following rules are our core server rules. Failure to comply will result in the appropriate punishment or even a permanent account ban.

  • Do not conduct real money transactions (RMT) or trade items, accounts, services or game currency between other servers/games. This rule applies outside the game as well and will result in a permanent ban for all players involved.
  • Do not attempt to sell or trade your account to another player.
  • Do not automate game-play. This includes and is not limited to using third-party tools and macro software, or placing a weight on your keyboard to press keys for you. Any use of auto-teleport scripts, auto-feeders, auto-pots, auto-farming scripts and similar is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not impersonate GMs.
  • Do not advertise other servers. Talking about official servers is allowed, but actively promoting them is not.
  • Do not exploit bugs. Report them immediately to any GM through the forum or directly via the game or the XIVRO discord.
  • If you suspect that a GM is using his or her power beyond their designated purposes, please file a complaint towards Dazzu or Prank via discord or forum direct messages.

Failure to comply to any of the following rules will result in the appropriate punishment or even a permanent account ban.

  • Do not scam other players. Do not attempt to deceive and defraud any player e.g. by attempting to pass one item as another or using misleading shop titles. Any such action, including stealing items from others and keeping borrowed gears may result in a permanent ban.
  • You are encouraged to report players who scam you in the Report Abuses section.
  • Account sharing is discouraged and you are fully responsible for the actions on whoever you decide to have access to your account.
  • Sharing of items or zeny to other players is done at your own risk so be advised.
  • For cases the disputed items and characters will be permanently lost and not returned. (A thorough investigation will be taken in place and depending on the case items will be returned.)
  • Do not be disrespectful to the staff. (e.g. saying gm abuso).
  • Rules are not limited to those written here. Just because it is not specifically mentioned does not mean it is allowed. Please use common sense and have some logic.


  • Racism, can result in punishment. This applies to all chats, including #global, and shop names. You can trash talk but don't be racist.
  • Do not beg for items or zeny from players or GMs. Asking for assistance is fine, but straight out asking for items and zeny is not.
  • Do not impersonate others or in other ways attempt to assume their identity.
  • Do not trade or send friend requests on PvP and WoE maps. You can use @noask or /notrade to prevent being harassed like this.
  • Do not spam any of the channels.
  • Do not discuss or engage in a conversation about other private servers in public.
  • Use the appropriate channels:
  • #global: For casual talk.
  • #trade: If you are buying or selling items. Do not send fake messages and sell items you don't own.
  • #recruitment: If you are looking for a party, group or a guild.
  • Open a shop only in the designated areas.
  • Do not block the visibility of a NPC or a portal.


  • Do not dual-client in Battlegrounds.
  • Do not AFK in Battlegrounds.
  • Do not grief in Battlegrounds, such as losing matches on purpose.
  • Do not obstruct skills on other players or NPC. (e.g. being on top of a NPC or another player while attacking.
  • Do not abuse any known bugs while PvPing, abusing a bug or finding out about a bug and not reporting it will not be tolerated and will result in severe punishment. (This also applies to any other bug found within the game).

Game-File Modification 

  • Do not automate game-play. Using third-party and macro software is strictly prohibited, as is placing a weight on your keyboard to press keys for you. This includes and is not limited to installing auto-teleport scripts, auto-feeders, auto-pots and auto-farming scripts. Players who automatize tasks in any such way will b punished or even permanently banned.
  • If you notice another player using third-party tools, please report it immediately to an online GM in game or on Discord.
  • Should no GMs be available, submit a report on the Report Abuses section or pm us on discord and include as many details as possible (such as map name, class or skills cast). Replays containing this information are appreciated but not required for us to begin investigating the case. The sooner you submit your report, the faster we can act.
  • Do not modify your game client.
  • Do not modify any of your game files. Any modifications that gives you an unfair advantage is not allowed. (e.g. altering sprites to reduce skill delays).
  • The XIVRO Team does not endorse GRF editing nor do we offer support for it, as such edits can damage your game installation.
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