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Forum Rules

Each user agrees with his/her registration to the follow forum rules. This moderation team holds up the right to warn, mute, censor, ban, suspend users, delete topics and posts if the users do not follow the rules. Rules are not limited to those written here. Just because it is not specifically mentioned does not mean it is allowed. Please use common sense and have some logic.

Account Related

  • Each user may register for only one account. Multiple registration will result in a perma ban on the new account, and a warn on the old one.
  • Making a new account for the purpose of having a different display name is not allowed.
  • Any attempt to avoid a moderator's mute or ban will result in a permanent ban on the new account and a temporary ban on the old account.
  • Each registered member may only use one account, and it must only be used by them. In other words, no sharing forum accounts with another member/unregistered member.
  • Do not choose display names that can lead to Staff Impersonations. Such accounts will have their display name changed to "Member#" This punishment is also reserved for inappropriate forum display names.

General Rules

  • The primary language of the forum is English. Other languages can be used in the International Sections.
  • Post new threads in the correct forum section. Failure to do so can result in a warn to the topic owner, closure of the topic, and the possibility of your topic being ignored.
  • No posting porn, politically extremist, immoral or offensive material that can break the law. Do not post cracks, keys, hacks, illegal download pages to 3 party programs, etc. This includes links to any of the stated above offenses.
  • SPAM: Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. If your post is either off topic, doesn’t help the topic owner, or doesn’t help move the thread forward, expect a forum warn and/or mute. However, an exception is any Off Topic section of the DarkRO forum.
  • Bumping topics is not allowed. However, if your topic hasn't been replied to in 2 days after the post date, I will allow a bump post.
  • No spamming emotions or images since it may freeze peoples' browsers.
  • Topic content, links, usernames, etc with the intent to flame other users is not allowed. Same goes for trolling: posting with the intent to annoy others or cause a flame war.
  • Inappropriate language or excessive cursing is not allowed.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed. Give credit where credit is due. If you copy something from the internet, give proper credit.
  • Advertisement of/Linking to any other Ragnarok server is prohibited.
  • Don’t misuse the report button. The button is used if you think a post is breaking the forum rules, and is not to be used to talk to Staff members. Misusage will result in a warn and/or mute.
  • Do not attempt to avoid the bad word filter. Such actions will get you warned.
  • Post your ideas about the game and/or forum in the Ideas and Feedback section of the forum.
  • No topics discussing religion. It will usually result in a flame war.
  • Do not reply to a post on the Report Abuses section unless you are the topic creator, S&O Staff, or a person mentioned inside of the report. 
  • No creating multiple topics about the same problem. It doesn't get you more attention, instead it will be considered spam and you will be either warned/muted or both.
  • No ABABABA talking. However, if the discussion between the 2 individuals is good, this may be an exception. However if spam occurs, then the person will be warned. A definite exception to this rule is topics posted in the Off Topic section.
  • No harassing other members. Harassment is defined as attacking other people physically, mentally, sexually, and socially. Users who harass other users will be given a harsh punishment, therefore don’t do it.
  • No reviving topics that haven't been replied to in over a month. Create a new topic and either post the link to the old topic there, or quote the old topic. An exception is the Ideas & Feedback section, and pinned topics.
  • Racial, ethnic, gender based insults, or any other personal discrimination is strictly not allowed.
  • Don’t post Spam or any offensive links in your status updates. Offensive links mean links to porn, 3rd party programs, other Ragnarok servers, etc. Status updates can be removed with warning.

Game Related

  • The forum will not be used for PHP Dealing. This means trading real life money for in-game items. Such posts will result in a permanent ban from the forum.
  • No revealing custom dungeon or custom instance information(i.e. Reawakened Nightmare). You can reveal such information if it's for an official quest.
  • Any posts that are directed towards a single player over an issue that started in-game is not allowed. It will be removed from the public view. Continued posting will result in the topic starter being warned and/or muted by a moderator. If necessary, the poster can also be temporary banned.

Moderation Team and User Responsibility, Moderation and Final Notes

  • Each user agrees to the rules after registering for an account. If you have been warned unjustly, contact the moderator who gave the warn. If you are not happy with the response, contact a Global Moderator. In extreme cases, contact the Administration. The Admins word is final.
  • Respect all staff members. If a moderator is found abusing their powers, report it to a Global Moderator. If a moderator gives an invalid warn, the right to prove it wrong is your choice.
  • Report Staff members via private message.
  • Punishments increase when the same offense is repeated. For example, an account suspension will be given instead of a warn or mute.
  • Suspensions and bans cannot be given without a warn first. If a user is new, a verbal warning may be issued without a warn level increase.
  • Depending on the severity of the case, a punishment may be issued despite the stated above.
  • All forum moderators reserve the right to punish users on offenses not found in this post.
  • All forum moderators reserve the right to remove/edit/move/close any thread for any reason.
  • All forum rules posted in this forum are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Global Moderators are allowed to change offensive forum names without prior notice to the user. If the user wishes to have a different forum name, they will be required to complete community service. (Use the name Member, Member1, etc).

-Credit goes to Kilik and Wishbone from DarkRO forums for writing these rules.

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