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Shoutbox Rules

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Shoutbox Rules

These rules apply to the Shoutbox and will be enforced by Administrators and Moderators. If you fail to comply with these rules you will have action taken against your account; however if you think the action was taken happened to be unfair in your circumstances, you may contact moderators as you would in the forum. Please note that relaying messages to banned members will result in punishment. General Forum Guidelines apply here as well.

  • You are not permitted to use Offensive, Obscene, Racist, Foul, Setereo-Typical, Seg or Abusive Language in anyway shape or form. This also means that flaming is not allowed. If you say something that could be taken offensive by others or is purposely aimed a specific forum user then you are liable to have action taken against you with no warning at all depending upon the severity of the offence. However if you say something like a curse word that is aimed at nobody nor can it be taken offensively by the context that you used it in, you are permitted to do so. 

Note: Arguments and discussions are allowed. Please, try to have a valid, reasonable point to back your opinion up, rather than just spamming. If you do chooese to present arguments or involve yourself in a discussion, all rules must be followed.

  • You are not allowed to give links that are not helpful to somebody that is currently active in the Shoutbox. This includes all harmful material even if the users ask for it. Links must also be posted raw. No links must be posted using a URL shorten-er such as https://tinyurl.com/ or https://bitly.com/ and the like. Never post them enclosed in tags. 
  • Spamming is strictly forbidden, this (can) includes multiple messages with no purpose. As well as single messages that have no meaning or point in the slightest, or. Submitting a message multiple times to get somebodies attention, or any other reason, is also classed as spamming.
  • It is against the rules to use more caps in multiple (or single, depending on what's deemed acceptable and unacceptable) messages than any member of staff deems unacceptable. If a member of staff feels the amount of caps in your multiple messages are unacceptable, you may be warned/punished. Caps lock may be only used for emphasis, using it for other reasons are deemed spam after a certain amount of shouts.
  • The Shoutbox will not be used to appeal for silenced or banned accounts. If you happen to know or be somebody who has a silenced or banned account and you feel that the punishment was unfair, please let the user contact the Mod or Admin who silenced or banned the account. The Shoutbox is not the correct place to submit these appeals and actually damages your chances of having the action over-turned. This includes messages for other people such as "Prank4unban" or "Prank4unsilence".
  • Do not encourage others to break rules or aggravate others to make them break the rules. This is strictly not allowed, and will not be tolerated.
  • The Shoutbox is used mainly for short communication or announcements or greetings. Posts regarding support and reports or suggestions will be deleted.

-credit goes to WishBone from DarkRO Forums for writing the ShoutBox rules 

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