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XIVRO Beginner's Guide

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XIVRO Beginner's Guide


No idea where to start? Need help finding something? Why am I asking these questions for you? Well look no further! This guide is here to explain almost everything you need to know about how our server works and its nuances. Credit goes to @Hildeblue#0701 for making this guide on our Discord server! If you have any further questions about anything or spot any mistakes you can find us on discord or post a comment down below!

I will still be heavily editing this topic and will be adding extra things for now. MVP Specific Boss Guide will be on another guide.

source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t9q3Mu_6N3naB5OqggfOnTdK6rR2pSUW_yxzum5OBVE/edit

Table of Contents


1. Prontera NPC

2. Leveling Guide

3. The Mall and Essential Items

4. Farming Zeny

5. MVP Arena

6. Field MVP Basics

Prontera NPC


Prontera is the server's home base. This is where you'll start, and where you'll find most of the NPCs you'll need to get around!

1. Job Master 


Speak to this Cat Dude to change your job!

2. Reset Girl


Speak to her to reset your status or skill points.

3. Identifier 


Speak to him appraise your equipment drops that you find from monsters.

4. WoE Information


Talk to the bulletin board in order to get information about the Schedule of WoE.

5. WoE Supplier


Speak to him to grab your WoE supplies and rental Siege Set equipment.

6. Healing Statue


Speak to the statue to get healed and Blessing.

7. Warper


Speak to her to warp to a certain areas.

8. MVP Warper


Speak to her to enter the MVP room.

9. Kafra


Speak to her for Kafra Services. (i.e. Storage)

10. Stylist


Speak to her to change your style!

12. Dead Branch Room


Speak to him to enter the DB room to use your "Dead Branch or Bloody Branch" items.

13. Platinum Skill NPC


Speak to her to receive your platinum skills.

14. Universal Rental NPC


Speak to her to rent a cart/falcon/peco

Event Schedule


This NPC will show you the schedule of all going events being done throughout the day.


Upon character creation, you get a “Level 1 Package” that contains goodies to help you level! These are:

  • A weapon of your choosing
  • Trainee set of equipment
  • Battle Manual (boosts experience)

You’ll get another package at levels 100 and 200. Go ahead and pick your weapon, pop your Battle Manual and get to leveling! 

If you have the time to farm MVPs in the MVP arena (ctrl+F “5. MVP Arena), you can make a better leveling weapon for whatever class you’re using with: 1x Bapho, 1x Doppelganger, and 2x damage card of your choosing (2x Turtle General is probably best) in a 4-slotted weapon.

Next we’ll get to the actual leveling portion!

  1. Warp to prt_fild08 and kill a poring to get to JLV 10, then change to your first job.
  2. Next, get to JLV 40 by leveling in pay_dun00, orcsdun01, or whatever else is easier with good exp output. Your lv 1 package equipment should make most mobs pretty easy. Once you’re JLV 40+, swap to your 2nd job. Depending on your class and whether you want to rebirth while leveling, you might want to go up to JLV 50 for extra skills.
  3. Next, pick your 2nd job! From here you should go to gl_prison or lvl_dun02 if you can handle it to get to lv 99/50.
  4. (Optional) - If your class needs trans skills to level efficiently (like High Priest for Magnus Exorcimus or Champ for Dangerous Soul Collect), go ahead and rebirth! If you don’t need those skills, you will level faster as a pre-trans, as they require less experience to level up.
  5. For most classes, use lvl_dun02 or thor_v01 to get to level 255! Thor is easier for magic and ranged classes, especially if you have access to water element. For melee classes, go to lvl_dun02 until you can handle Thor. lvl_dun02 is a lot more efficient if you have a bapho card, keep that in mind for your second character!

-If you’re playing High Priest, use Mace Mastery and pump STR. Mace Mastery makes you do 10xSTR damage with autoattacks. You can solo Thor at a pretty low level this way, especially with Doppel + Bapho + 2 tg on a mace[4].

The Mall and Essential Items

Here in XIVRO, we have pretty easy access to most essential items! If you type “@go mall”, you’ll find an area which has most of your basic needs! Keep in mind that, when buying items, you should ALWAYS have a Merchant character, so that you save zeny by reducing costs with their passive skill Discount!


Directly above the warp location, you’ll find these NPCs.

  1. Ammunitions sells arrows, bullets and kunai for ranged classes.
  2. Alchemist Dealer sells Alch mats, AND gemstones.
  3. Essentials sells Yggs, Potions, Buff Scrolls, Ygg Leaves, AND “Soul of Battle”
  4. Sheepy Gonzales sells items that speed you up like Box of Thunder and Guarana Candy
  5. Blacksmith sells tools for Black/Whitesmith classes, AND Oridecon/Elunium

For typical gameplay, the most important items to have are:

  • Yggdrasilberries
  • Box of Thunder
  • Soul of Battle
  • Guarana Candy (especially important when MVPing to cancel Decrease Agi
  • Yggdrasil Leaves
  • ASPD potions (Awakening, Conentration, Berserk)

“Soul of Battle” is a custom item that activates your class’s Soul Link buff! It’s very valuable for certain classes like Sniper, which receives a custom Soul Link buff that lets it autocast Falcon Assault at a high rate!

To the left and right of @go mall, you’ll find these npcs. Most are CRAFTING merchants (except **MVP Exchanger), meaning you’ll need to gather certain items in order to buy from them. From top to bottom, these are:

  1. Non-Donation, which has valuable equipment like Dragon Wing and Valk Helm.
  2. Sunglasses, which has our custom +10 stat upper headgears, also used to craft Elemental Merchant gears.
  3. Icarus, which has Icarus Weapons and Icarus Wings.
  4. Basic Wings, which has basic wings used to craft other wings.
  5. Advanced Wings, which has more effective wings for actual use.
  6. Weapon Combo, which has Fist of Fury and Skewer.
  7. **MVP Exchanger, which allows you to exchange MVP points for items.
  8. Valkyrie Merchant, which has all of the Valkyrie Set gears
  9. Warmonger Merchant, which has the Warmonger Set gears.
  10. Fortress.Merchant, which has the Fortress Set gears.
  11. Balance Merchant, which has the Balance Set gears.
  12. Elemental Merchant, which sells +20 stat upper headgears, advanced form of sunglasses.
  13. Self-Help Merchant, which lets you craft Ygg/BoT boxes and class-specific items, if you have the materials and zeny.
  14. Upper Costume Clown, lets you craft costumes to cover up your Upper Headgear slot
  15. Middle Costume Clown, lets you craft Mid costumes.
  16. Lower Costume Clown, I’m sure you get it.

Farming Zeny

If you’ve come from other 255-max servers, you may have noticed that zeny is a little more valuable here, for crafting and buying essentials. Here are some spots where you can farm a lot of zeny to make up for that.

Keep in mind that you should ALWAYS have a Merchant character on your account, so that, when selling goods, you earn extra zeny from their passive skill Overcharge!

To autoloot a specific item, use “@alootid +x” where x is the item ID! To find the item ID, either look it up on RateMyServer or type “@iteminfo” then whatever you’re looking for.


You can also use “@aloottype +x” to loot a specific type of item, the type #s are listed above. Replace “x” with whatever you want to loot. I almost always have @aloottype +6 active so I pick up cards.

If items on the ground become annoying to look at, type @seeitems to turn them invisible!

Abyss Lake 3 - @warp abyss_03


In order to control the amount of zeny on the server, Abyss is the only real viable source of it.

Use the warper to get here, as @warp cannot take you to MVP maps on XIVRO, to prevent respawn-warping abuse to kill them.

Here you will farm Gold Acidus. Each one drops a Treasure Box, which has had its selling price reduced from 150,000 to 100,000 to prevent the hyperinflation of item costs that we have seen on other servers. Keep in mind, Blue Acidus also drops Rough Wind, which you need to craft Sunglasses of Wind!

Type “@alootid +7444” to automatically loot only Treasure Boxes, and type “@alootid +996” if you would like to also loot Rough Wind.

While you’re here, watch out for Detale, MVPs are heavily buffed here and this thing will nuke you!

MVP Arena

Field MVPs are heavily buffed in XIVRO, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some of the basic cards you need. We also have an MVP arena which has most of the necessary monsters in them. Talk to the MVP Warper in Prontera to get there. 

Once you’ve talked to the NPC, she’ll take you to the room shown on the right with 4 new NPCs. Each of these NPCs will take you to a unique MVP room. Each room has 8 “floors” which have separate spawn rates, so once you empty out 1 floor of what you’re hunting, just go to the next!



  1. Alpha MVP Room contains Maya, Golden Thief Bug, Eddga, Moonlight Flower and Mistress.
  2. Beta MVP Room contains Orc Hero, Orc Lord, Phreeoni, Turtle General, and Ghostring.
  3. ***Theta MVP Room contains Doppelganger, Drake, Lord of Death, Doppelganger, and Deviling.
  4. Epsilon MVP Room contains Thanatos, Baphomet, Tao Gunka, Pharaoh and Dark Lord.


  1. Each MVP Room contains an “MVP Protector” which will either:
  2. Send you to the next floor
  3. Heal you
  4. Or send you back to Prontera.


*** Theta MVP room currently has 4 rooms out-of-bounds that you cannot get to, but monsters WILL spawn/warp there. To get there, type:

  1. @warp pvp_n_x-4  50 170
  2. @warp pvp_n_x-4 50 70
  3. @warp pvp_n_x-4 150 170
  4. @warp pvp_n_x-4 150 70

Replace “x” with a number 1-8. Each “x” is a different Floor number and there are 8 floors.

Field MVP Basics

As mentioned in the MVP Arena section, Field MVPs are heavily buffed here. As far as I know, they all have 35,000,000 HP and 255 in all stats except VIT (so a Memory of Thanatos card won’t help you much here). Additionally, they do astronomically-increased damage and their summons (we’ll call them “adds”) got the same treatment. Only some MVP’s adds are easily tankable.

Now that you know the basics, let’s get onto the detales... (/gg). 

The average MVP can be easily taken down with just two classes in your party. You’ll want at least Champion and a Sniper.


For your Champion, your key components are: 255 vit, 150 dex, and Steel Body. Your items are almost all obtainable farming normal monsters and MVP Arena bosses. 

You’ll want:

  • Plenty of Yggdrasil Berries
  • Armor carded with a Tao Gunka. Valkyrie armor should probably be your first piece of advanced equipment once you start farming MVPs, as it is very important for you to avoid being frozen even for a moment as you may find yourself unable to use an Yggdrasil Berry. Until you get one of those, try to stick to MVPs that don’t have a way to Freeze you.
  • Garment with a Deviling card. Any garment will do, but Valkyrie Manteau will allow you to reflect melee damage, which will proc autocasts.
  • Shield with a Golden Thief Bug. Strong Shield is heavily preferred due to its knockback immunity, as almost every MVP has a knockback skill that will reset the MVP’s aggro and make it target whatever is attacking it (meaning your sniper will die!). You’ll take 20% extra damage with it equipped, but you’ll be fine.
  • (Optional) Weapon carded with a Stormy Knight card is very helpful for dealing with adds, as it will freeze them and make them stop attacking you. However, if you’re a newer player, it may be hard to get one of these since it’s not available in the MVP Arena. If you do get one, I recommend grabbing a Doppelganger card and a Phreeoni so that you can simultaneously activate Storm Gust through melee attacks and your reflect damage.

Champion Strategy

Your strategy as a Champion is fairly simple. Collect some Spirit Spheres, walk into the MVP’s sight range, and cast Steel Body. You can use Body Relocation to get in close to ranged MVPs, but I recommend walking at melee ones, as there’s sometimes a slight delay between activating Steel Body and the actual damage reduction buff. If you get too close to a melee MVP before it fully activates, you might die and need to reset.

Once you’ve aggroed the MVP, be sure to attack it. This will help you maintain aggro so that your DPS doesn’t die, and it does do a little damage. This is also very important if you have a Stormy Knight card, as it will help you proc Storm Gust more consistently. Fury doesn’t actually help you hit the MVP unless you also invest in LUK, as all MVPs have 51 crit shield. Check the Sniper Strategy section for more details on crit shield.


For your Sniper, your main goals are: very high dex, divisible by 10, 197 aspd (however much agi you need to get there with full buffs), and a very high crit rate (preferably 115 or higher, the more the better). You’ll want at least 80 INT to get a decent damage boost from Soul Link’s autocasted Falcon Assault  For some MVPs you may need to adjust your VIT so that you won’t get stunned. Ifrit, for example, has a screenwide Meteor Storm which may stun you.

Your basic gear is fairly affordable and can be attained through the questing NPCs in @go mall. Go to Section 3. The Mall and Essential Items if you need help. Make sure to buy lots of Soul of Battle.

Basic Gear:

  • Composite Bow with 2 Abysmal Knights, 1 Turtle General and 1 Cruiser for the Cruiser Card Combo which boosts your ranged damage by 20% (may not sound like it, but it is definitely more damage), or if you want to save card slots in other gear, just use 2 Abysmal Knight and 2 Turtle General. You won’t always crit, so The Paper isn’t that great.
  • Sniping Suit. This bad boy will add at least 20 crit.
  • Gargoyle Wings
  • Sunglasses of Sound and Binoculars (Middle Headgear shop in @go mall, just walk down and it’s the 2nd to last shop on the right) w/ Vanberk Cards for the crit boost
  • 2x Bow Thimble (equal damage boost to Nile Rose! No need to make those things). You can farm these from Gargoyle (@warp gl_sew02), and you can then add a slot them at Seiyablem (@warp prt_in 33 70)

Advanced Gear:

This will be attainable after some MVP hunting to get the requirements.

  • No Gloom: Icarus Bow with 1 Abysmal Knight, 1 Turtle General, 1 Cruiser OR 2 Abysmal Knight, 1 Cruiser (the damage is the same).
  • Helm of Forte (Elemental Headgear quest shop)
  • If possible, get a Valkyrie Armor to avoid freeze from MVPs with Jack Frost (Garm and Stormy Knight).

Ideal Gear:

We add more crit gear once you get Warmonger Set to balance out losing Sniping Suit.

  • Traveler’s Hat + Cyclops Eye with 1 Vanberk, 1 Lord Knight Card
  • Torn Wing
  • Gloom Under Night card
  • Full Warmonger set (no refines really necessary)

Sniper Strategy

This is the easy job! Once your Champion takes aggro, step into sight range of the MVP and start shooting. 

Key Notes

  • Stay as far away from the MVP as you can shoot them from.
  • ALWAYS use Soul of Battle to Soul Link yourself. Do NOT level up Blitz Beat. You don’t need Falcon Assault leveled up for the Soul Link to autocast it! Blitz Beat will automatically hit the MVP’s adds around it (it’s AoE) and cause you to take aggro and you WILL die.

Crit Shield

Crit Shield is a mechanic in Ragnarok that reduces your crit based on the target enemy’s LUK. When shooting any monster, your Crit is reduced by (Target LUK) / 5. Since every MVP on XIVRO has 255 LUK, that means that your Crit rate while MVPing will ALWAYS be reduced by 51, meaning you need a whopping 151 Crit to always hit critical strikes. So even with 130 crit, you will still only have a 79% chance to hit criticals. This is why Vanberk cards are so critical (/gg) even if you already have decent crit, as they will ensure that you are always hitting criticals when the buff is active.

You can also refer to this topic to find out weaknesses and the location of the bosses.

-again, credit goes to @Hildeblue#0701 for the guide. Have fun and good luck!

-still gonna edit and add more to this topic as well!

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Been meaning to move this guide here. Thanks for doing it for me! Good additions as well

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