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BOT - Hermione Granger

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My name: Pervert
Accused: Hermione Granger
Abuse: Botting
Items lost: None
How did it happen: I saw the same Character a day ago in schg_dun01 while I was farming Steel and made an @request to notify of the behavior yet I got no response. Unfortunately for the same Character I saw it again while we were MVP Hunting in prt_maze03 grounds. I couldnt catch a screenshot of her and with the name so I whispered;
Screenshot/Chatlogs: Ive*



Full Screen Shot:





new* You no longer have to add the Abuse Code on the topic title. Instead, when creating a topic, click the drop-down menu under 'Topic Prefix' and select the appropriate code from the list. This automatically adds the code on the topic title.

Doesnt seem to work for me..theres no drop down menu..

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